Ali Qaisi

Ali Qaisi predicts a shocking victory at Brave 20

Ali Qaisi is the latest athlete signed with the Brave Combat Federation from Jordan. Qaisi joined the ranks of Jordanian superstars including the reigning welterweight world champion, Jarrah Al Selawe, Jalal Al Daaja, Nawras Abzakh and Hashem Arkagha at the Bahrain based global Mixed Martial Arts organization. Qaisi signed to compete at Brave 20 taking place on 22nd December at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad, India. Initially, Qaisi was set to face the Indian featherweight fighter, Abdul Muneer. However, Muneer withdrew from the fight card due to a shoulder injury contacted during wrestling sessions. Hence Nelson Paes stepped in to challenge the Jordanian.

“I’m so excited to fight in India. I am always eager to perform in a new place in front of a new audience. I’m sure they will all be shocked to see how I finish the win, just like before”, said Qaisi who is set to compete in India for the first time.

Qaisi has made a name for himself in the Middle East competing in two local promotions, Desert Force and Phoenix Fighting Championship. Qaisi pointed out the heavily buffed up fight records to be among major hindrances for MMA fighters in India. Not only this ends up as a disadvantage when the fighters are set to compete globally, but this also forces matchmakers to pitch the fighters against experienced veterans at a time the fighters requires global experience and take it to the top.

“Personally, I don’t find much value in fight records. So many fighters train hard but don’t have a chance at getting a fight, or some choose easy opponents to boost their record. Yeah, it’s important, but it’s not everything. We will see on December 22 what gets the win— a good record, or training hard for the fight”, commented Qaisi.