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All Eyes on the B.M.F. Belt

Tonight’s UFC 244 press conference with Jorge Masivdal and Nate Diaz was ‘super necessary’ and ‘I’m not surprised.’

There weren’t catchy phrases for fans to repeat at the press conference in New York City. However, it was sure entertaining to watch.

So far it appears there’s no bad blood between the east and west coast gangsters.

“I’m just glad to have a worthy opponent and a worthy venue to be in,” Diaz said.

“I love to compete at the highest level possible,” said Masvidal. “I love knowing that my opponent is known for kicking ass, because that’s what’s motivating and I’m more motivated than ever.”

Over 17,000 people watched the press conference on the UFC YouTube channel and everyone learned more about the B.M.F. belt.

“I said to my guys ‘Tell me if you think I’m crazy, but what do you think about us actually having a baddest mother (explicit) in the game belt?” said UFC President Dana White. “My guys loved so it we brought it to the design team and I’ll definitely have that belt when we come back to New York.”

Whoever wins at the UFC’s 500th event will get one step closer to fighting for the UFC welterweight championship.

“I’m going to wait for those two sissy’s to figure it out and if God gives me the victory on November 2nd I want take everyone’s head that’s attached to a belt,” said Masvidal. “If it say’s you have a belt, I’m coming for it.”

“You can fight for phony belts or you can fight for baddest mother (explicit) in the game belt,” said Diaz. “I made it happen. That’s what it is.”

The UFC is expecting this fight to put up big numbers; in fact the event has already sold over 10,000 tickets. The UFC is expecting a sold out and both fighters expecting a win.

“I imagine myself getting my hand raised at all cost,” said the owner of the fastest knockout in UFC history. “Whatever hell I got to go through, whatever mountain I have to climb, I’ll do it.”

Diaz has the same vision, however he was more brief in describing his way to victory.

“I’m coming to win,” the Stockton, California native said.

The B.M.F. belt is not expected to be defended after this fight. This one time championship is sure to make UFC 244 a special night in MMA history.

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