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Major 2022

Analysis of Major 2022

As CS:GO is becoming more and more popular, csgo case opening sites are becoming very popular too, giving fans the chance to win amazing things either by buying keys or by subscribing to sites that offer bonus csgo cases. Overall CS:GO’ s fan base is getting bigger and bigger and the major tournaments only add to this growing popularity. 

The IEM RIO Major 22 has ended in the mid of November, but what has happened most probably requires more time to process. The Outsiders won the eighteenth Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship in Rio de Janeiro. Their victory over Heroic in the final was actually their first win.

The Outsiders were more or less one amongst the many underdogs coming into the tournament and if it weren’t for top-notch teams being beaten considerably early in the competition, the final with another underdog – Heroic, would most likely not be set up at all. 

The final went 2-0 with the Underdogs defeating Heroic, in what we could largely admit – was more of an unexpected turnaround in an unexpected confrontation in a final. But the truth is that the final was nothing but dull and boring. It was full of action, and it certainly did not disappoint fans or CS:GO bettors. 

But how was the run of these two towards the final?

Outsiders made it to the final after a not-so-easy series of confrontations. They came through the Challengers stage after defeating Team Vitality, Fnatic and IHC Esports, leaving behind their loss to Mouz in the beginning of the stage games.

Their kick-off to the Legends stage was something like a replica of the first game with Mouz.  Outsiders were beaten by Heroic, but they went on to defeat Team Spirit, Ninja in Pyjamas and Mouz in a revenge meeting!

The Play-off stage then was an absolute success for the Outsiders, who got to win against Fnatic for the second time and Mouz for the second time in their third confrontation. And this is how they got to the final, meeting up with Heroic in a ‘clash’ between underdogs.

Heroic on the other hand made it to the final, in what we’d say was a much easier run considering that they had already secured a place in the Legends stage. They skipped the previous stage, which was very useful and helpful for them, and they made less confrontations which eventually proved very beneficial for their overall subsequent performance.

In the Legends stage they initially confronted their soon-to-be rivals in the final and won against the Outsiders and then they defeated Fnatic. They lost to Cloud9, but then defeated Team Liquid and got their place in the quarter finals. Then they also beat Furia in the semi-final, after recording a loss from Team Spirit and they came into the final to confront once again the Outsiders. 

The rest is history – Outsiders won the tournament and they recorded their first Major win.

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