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Top 3 tips to bet on UFC

MMA betting is very popular not only in the US, which is the epicenter of the world when it comes to mixed martial art fights, but in other countries also, which have strong preference over the specific sport, and which give birth to world-class talents. In fact, betting on MMA fights is growing both in volume and value in many non-US markets, where punters follow professional fighters, watch world tournaments or even attend major organizations’ competitions such as the UFC. 

Malaysia is one such market, where MMA betting is highly popular among bettors. The ufc betting, for example, have dedicated sections on UFC betting, provide extended lists of UFC betting markets, offer many different options and allow punters to pick from a wide range of bets. Although not a traditional MMA country, the trends on betting on the sport are very promising.

Betting on UFC attracts millions of punters, and this is only natural if we consider that UFC fights are the most watched MMA competitions around the globe. If you want to try your betting skills on UFC or if you want to give it a shot with this sport, then you’d better go through the following top three tips!


Tip 1: Set the favorite aside and go for the upset


Unlike other sports, MMA fights are very dynamic, which means that they can lean towards one or the other fighter many times in a single bout. We’ve seen fights totally turn around, with underdogs glorying and favorites being smashed. And this is not that rare. UFC fights have all-time-high records of upsets. In fact, there are so many staggering cases of upsets in UFC history, that it is literally nonsense to talk about “absolute” underdogs and “absolute” favorites. 

So, instead of going for the favorite- which, by definition, will be offered with lower odds and ROI, just search for an upset that has realistic chances of winning. There are plenty of examples of UFC upsets in history. Note that it is not always the case where the underdog has greater value in terms of betting – so, pick one that has the capabilities, the skills and the shape to win.                                  


Tip 2: Make informed bets

One very important thing in UFC betting is to place wagers based on research and analysis. Don’t just pick an MMA fighter. Do some research, examine both fighters’ past records, injuries, styles and skills, previous confrontations and keep track of everything that seems to be important in the course of the fight and of course at the end of the fight. 

What’s even more effective is to keep your own records if you have the time to do so. Maintaining your own data records is important because it is you who gets to decide what is critical to log and what’s not. 

Tip 3: Engage with the fights: Watch the fights

While this might sound like the most profound thing to do, it is a rather frequent phenomenon to have punters get lost in the statistics, the numbers, the records and eventually neglect the one thing that they should definitely do, and this is nothing else but actually watch the fight. Only through watching UFC fights, can they gradually build knowledge and experience in making more accurate predictions. 

Just use these three tips for UFC betting and it is certain that you’ll find them really valuable!

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