Anthony Taylor Would Have Liked a Second Chance at James Gallagher

Anthony Taylor Would Have Liked a Second Chance at James Gallagher

Anthony Taylor (6-5) would not have minded stepping in to replace James Gallagher when it was announced his opponent; Cal Ellenor was forced to withdraw for the main event in Bellator MMA’s upcoming Dublin card on September 27. While a replacement was found in Roman Salazar, Taylor is an old foe of Gallagher’s and that is one fight he would like to get back.

The news of Gallagher losing his opponent broke hours just before Taylor was scheduled to do an interview with The Coast-2-Coast Combat Hour podcast earlier this week. Initially, he was going to speak about his return to action on Combate Americas October 25 card next month, and the four-fight win streak he has been on recently. Instead, fired up, he shared an exchange he had with Gallagher after they faced each other and said that is a fight he would really like to get back.

Gallagher said in the exchange where Taylor was asking him for another match, “Go win more then I will.”

The last of Taylor’s four fights had him win the Ultimate Reality Combat Championship (URCC) lightweight title and with the changes, he has made training with the likes of AJ McKee at Team Bodyshop MMA.  “There’s nobody stronger than me at 145 [lbs],” Taylor said, “I don’t care who they are if I get a hold you, you’re going down,” Taylor said the only person to take him down in his career was Gallagher.

“If I had the mentality that I do now against Gallagher, I’m destroying him,” Taylor said when he was asked about his first three losses being by submission. He admits he was green in the grappling required for mixed martial arts competition and has since, immersed himself in grappling to where he believes now, that is one of his strengths.

One thing Taylor is strong in is selling his own fights. Citing his love for pro-wrestling and the WWE, he certainly does things to get the crowd riled up and will likely be doing so for his upcoming bout with Combate Americas. “I’m just, making my dues,” Taylor said about the path he is on now, “I’m just waiting to hear from people say, ‘hey you put in the work, you deserve a second chance’.”

With the work Taylor is putting in, perhaps another win at Combate Americas will get him that chance.

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