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B.J. Penn wants to continue to fight after UFC 232 bout

UFC Hall-of-Famer, B.J. Penn will once again return to the Octagon at UFC 232 to take on Ryan Hall.

For Penn, this fight makes a ton of sense given the fact both him and Hall are grapplers, and Penn is arguably the best ever. That is a big reason why Penn took the fight, and expects a great grappling match tonight.

“I think this is a great fight for me and a great fight for the fans,” B.J. Penn told TSN Friday.  “Anybody who loves grappling, they know jiu-jitsu is a big part of the UFC. Here’s two of the best jiu-jitsu guys in the UFC. I’m not going to run from his jiu-jitsu. I’m going to go right after him, and let the cards fall.”

Ultimately, however, many fans would have liked not to see Penn fight again. He hasn’t won in the UFC since 2010 and has lost five fights in a row. Although many have said he has ruined his legacy, Penn isn’t worried about that. Rather, he just wants to continue to do what he loves, and that is fighting.

“I love this stuff,” Penn said. “I love the process, I love everything, I mean, this will always come up this question. Look at Diego Sanchez. He just got a win. I mean, you could just go on and on, name the names. Fighting’s fighting. You just go out there, do your best, and you keep going. This is me. This is who I am.”

The fight against Hall should be a close fight, and for Penn, he already is hoping he will continue to fight afterwards. He isn’t worried about his legacy, rather he just wants to compete. Fighting is all he knows, and he sure likes doing it.

“I just want to fight, and keep winning, and get more fights, and just keep fighting for fun. I love this, and I enjoy this.”

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