Bibiano Fernandes

Bibiano Fernandes talks John Lineker, ONE: Lights Out, and promotional legacy

Bibiano Fernandes defends his bantamweight world championship against John Lineker in the co-main event of ONE: Lights Out. This transpires on March 11th from the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

I spoke with Fernandes ahead of this clash (when it was initially set for ONE: Bad Blood). Excerpts from our chat are below.

Bibiano Fernandes

The excitement of this being Bibiano Fernandes’ first opponent in close to four years that isn’t Kevin Belingon

“Oh my goodness, It’s good. Because I fight with Kevin four times. John Lineker fought UFC before. I really like that fight. He’s a tough guy, likes to punch a lot. I’m watching a lot… Now time for something fresh and new. And I’m very excited to fight John Lineker. I’m very happy to fight John Lineker.”

Where John Lineker ranks on the stacked resume of Bibiano Fernandes

“A couple days ago, I watched John Lineker fight. I watched all his fights. Watched him fight somebody choking him out. Seen a lot of fights… He is one-dimensional. Has one kind of style. Excited to see how that fight goes. I fight a lot of top guys. Fight a lot of good guys and the fight with  John Lineker, I’m very excited. Focused on the training. I want to go there and do my job. Very motivated for that fight. I don’t care, I’ll go there for a submission or knockout, doesn’t matter. Either way, I fight.”

Fernandes vs Lineker

Where all the trash talk began leading into this ONE: Lights Out title clash

“That was in Brazil. He kept talking a lot of shit. John Lineker, people know who he is. But he really has no belt. He likes to talk. He’s a good fighter and he can talk about it. I will give you the chance to fight me. Because really, you’re no champion. You’re not a very good fighter. You no make weight. You never make weight.”

“This guy doesn’t have discipline. He fights when he wants to fight. For me no, my brother. I train here every day, always chasing goals, always in my weight. I’m a very disciplined guy. I’ll go there and do my job. If you say you’ll fight me any time any moment, it’s better to make sure… For this, it’s bullshit.”

Seeing possible prospects in other weight categories after this bantamweight title defense

“You know, brother I like to go fight by fight. I always go fight by fight. Don’t want to chase next. I want this fight now. With this fight now, I will give my whole energy up for that fight. When I beat John Lineker, I will go focus on my next fight. Maybe I fight Adriano (Moraes), maybe move up a division. I don’t know, I have no idea. But right now I want that fight. I want to put all my mind, all my thoughts, all my ideas, all my transitions into this next fight.”

ONE Championship

Working with guys like Jeremy Kennedy and Jared Revel; Fernandes having such a strong presence in Canada and inspiring so many young fighters

“The only thing I can give is my heart, in my design of wanting to get better. Inspire my guys. I’m a good man and a good fighter… I’m that kind of athlete where I can go there and do my job. Sometimes I don’t like talking shit because I’m too mixed martial arts. I fight with the aura, I fight with the pride, I fight with the respect. That’s who I am. I fight to inspire people. I fight to motivate people, because in life you will have a lot of hard times. Everybody has problems.”

“That’s my idea, I said you know what, that’s who I am. I face my problems and faced my situation. Anybody facing problems, I always talk about good things. I always speak about motivation. But some people like the drama. The drama, I don’t like the drama. I like results. Taking problems and creating solutions.”

If we could see a second-generation MMA competitor in the Fernandes family

“I don’t know. He wants to compete in the Olympics for breakdancing. He wants to be the best. I respect the decision for my kids. If you want to compete, whatever you want. Do it but do your best. Doesn’t matter, I don’t want to force you. Be good kids, go to school, do your best. He’s very good at jiu-jitsu. But I told him it is your decision. If you want to come this way, come this way. I said I will teach you but you have to want. Because if you don’t want, you’re never going to do your best.”

ONE: Lights Out

If there’s any desire for Bibiano Fernandes to be in a bantamweight World Grand Prix within ONE Championship

“Life is about momentum. We can not talk about the future without talking about the past. Everything in life adds momentum for you. In the past, I compete three times in one day. By now, I’m here in this moment for my life. The moment for my life, whatever I do, I will get John Lineker. Once that is done for Bibiano, if we have a bantamweight division that will compete in that, a hundred percent I would do it. But right now I have to focus on John Lineker with everything.”

Parting thoughts for Bibiano Fernandes

“I will tell something for you since you’re in Canada. I love Canada. Canada was very good to me. Canada is very important to me, I love Canada. For this, they’re safe and drink a lot of water out there. Take a lot of vitamin C, don’t stress. Don’t try stress because I know everybody have a lot of pressure out there in the whole planet. Be safe, have faith, belief. Better states will come to you. Not only for you but for me, for everybody. Don’t forget again, life is about generation. If you understand what I’m trying to say, Oh my God. You’re going to be a very smart man.”

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