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Jared Revel on Sergio Moraes at Taura MMA 10

Jared Revel on Sergio Moraes at Taura MMA 10

Jared Revel takes on Sergio Moraes at Taura MMA 10. It goes down Friday, October 23rd at 7 PM ET. This middleweight matchup emanates from Upper Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Battlefield Fight League‘s 185-pound champion will be locking horns with the UFC vet as both men make their promotional debuts here. Below are several excerpts from my conversation with Revel ahead of this bout.

Training amid a pandemic

“I owned my own gym during the pandemic, right. So I was able to kind of get in there and make sure I’m getting all my workouts in. Hitting the bag for the most part when there was nobody kind of in my bubble,. Slowly kind of expanding the bubble and your training partners that you have. I’m fortunate to have some solid trading partners, that I can have my bubble. That keep me on my toes and I’m getting better. I’m also working with my striking coaches and stuff at this point.”

Who’s in the Jared Revel bubble

“Jay Jauncey is my striking coach and has been a part of this team for about six years, he’s been my coach. my longtime training partner Brad Falk. Pretty much with me since the day I started training. So he’s a great body for me. Pushes me, he’s a little heavier than me. So weight-wise, it works out great for me. To push me. Just recently I’ve been training at a few other places to kind of keep it going. But at this point, it’s not like a crazy huge bubble.”

Taura MMA 10

The pivot from gym ownership to being a full-time competitor 

“It was a wild time. But for me, it actually gave me a little bit of clarity. I ended up actually selling my shares of the gym, during that time. Just because it gave me an opportunity to kind of focus on just being a fighter. For so long, I was trying to do both hats. Now it’s just solely focusing on on my fighting career. So it gave me a little time away from the connections every day.”

The matchup with Sergio Moraes

“I’m super excited for this opportunity. You know, it kind of came about through my agents in Iridium sports agency, right. Jason House hooked up this fight. I think it’s a great opportunity, a great fight for me. Sergio Moraes, he’s obviously a world champion in Jiu-Jitsu. He’s been a 14 fight UFC vet. So he’s got a lot on his resume. I think I match up well with him in terms of that. My ground game, I’m not missing too much, right? I feel like I can hang with, you know, world-class people on that level. I believe I’ve evolved my whole MMA game to be able to promote a great show.”

This fight possibly vaulting him to that UFC level

“Like I think each fight helps propel you to that next level, right? But I’m just focused on this fight. It’s a great opportunity for me. I’m headed to Brazil. It’s a great opportunity for me to go in and showcase my stuff against a world-class fighter.”

Revel vs Moraes

Visiting Brazil for the first time

‘I’ve never been you know. I’ve always kind of wanted to. Obviously, it’s gonna be a little different. The whole pandemic, we’ll see how this all transpires. The protocols in place are pretty, pretty high for for this event. So we’ll see what kind of happens, what the ability is, you know, after to see what we can get up to or anything. For the most part, we’re going to get the job done and that’s it.”

COVID regulatory practices

“I think they’re very much trying to follow the UFC standard in that sense. I have to get a test before I leave. Obviously, a test when I’m there. They’ll obviously have us at the hotel.”

The tennis prowess of Jared Revel

“Oh the tennis. No, honestly I’m just a competitive guy right. Went back to Manitoba at one point. One of my old buddies, they were playing tennis and he was a little better than me. It got me riled up. I’m so competitive. I had to sharpen my game up and I just had to beat him. I love activity, love adventure, I love to kind of push my body to the limit. So anything where I can get a little competitive with somebody, you know I’m in.”

Jared Revel

An acting role in the short film ‘Entropy’ 

“It’s just a good buddy of mine. He’s been in the photography game for a while right? He’s always been doing photos for me. He does videos for me. We kind of me quite a while back before he kind of had created too much. So he’s done a lot of my videos and I’ve been in a lot of his videos as well. They’re trying to enter a contest. So they’re entering a contest to be in a bigger film production. So they were doing a video and I got to be the big dummy that got beat up after I bullied somebody.”

“I love being a part of those types of things. Even during it we made some cool videos and I’m going to post some bloopers. But like I created my own like while we were waiting for them I created my own kind of cameo and we did our own video like ourselves.”

Parting thoughts

“I’d just like to give a shout out to Iridium Sports Agency just for being great with me and giving me this opportunity. I think that’s pretty much it, man. I’m excited to go down to Brazil and represent Canada and bring home a win.”


Check out my full conversation with Jared Revel in the link provided!

Jared Revel
Photo credit to Jared Revels Tapology page

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