Adriano Sylberth Santana Pereira murdered

Brazilian MMA fighter shot in face, murdered in front of family

Very sad news coming out of Brazil as Globo reports that Brazilian professional mixed martial artist Adriano Sylberth Santana Pereira, known as Mamute, 29, was murdered earlier this week.

Tuesday’s incident happened at his residence in the district of Outeiro, in Belém. Pereira was murdered in front of his wife and son.

“According to the Civil Police, the fighter was in his house when, around 11:30 p.m., knocked at the back door. When he opened, Adriano Mamut came across three men, all wearing shirts on their faces and armed.

“Mamute ran to the room, where his companion and his 9-year-old son were, but he was pursued by the criminals, who, arriving in the room, went towards Hadrian. The victim would have asked for calm, but was shot with his face. He fell to the ground still alive.

“The robbers ordered the cell phones of Hadrian and the woman. When they were leaving the house they realized that the fighter was still alive and returned to apply blows of knife to the chest of the victim who died in the place.”

Police are still investigating although officials state there were no known threats against the fighter.

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