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Brent Primus impressed by Benson Henderson fighting with wife on card, ‘I would not like it’

Brent Primus is looking to climb back to the Bellator lightweight crown.

At Bellator 268 on Oct. 16, Primus will go to battle with former UFC and WEC titlist Benson Henderson. Uniquely for Primus’ next adversary, Henderson’s wife Maria will be making her Bellator debut in an amateur bout to kick off the night.

“I would not like it, man,” Primus told My MMA News regarding if his wife fought on his card. “Especially if you’re warming up in the room and you see your wife get knocked out or get hurt, I don’t know how that would be a good positive thing unless you just get so pissed off where you’re ‘Oh, I just wanna kill anybody!’ But I’ve been on fight cards where my teammates are fighting and I see them get knocked out and that kind of gets to me so I couldn’t imagine my wife fighting. I don’t know how he’s doing that. He’s something special, I guess.”

Brent Primus enters the fight looking to rebound off a close split decision defeat to Islam Mamedov in July. Henderson too will look to rebound as he’s suffered two straight defeats to the likes of Jason Jackson and Michael Chandler.

“I respect the guy a lot,” Primus said. “He’s a black belt in jiu-jitsu, he competes in the gi, he’s a humongous family man, he’s religious, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. I can’t even count how much money I spent on pay-per-views watching him fight. It’s cool, I’m excited. Like I said, this is a fight I’m excited about. I signed the contract and I said, ‘Yes, thank you.’

“Benson brings the heat, he tries to finish the fight and it’s gonna be a good one, man. Fight of the night.”

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