Brian Ortega, Max Holloway

Brian Ortega Lets Max Holloway Know He Hopes He’s Okay

Brian Ortega has not been alone in his concern on whether or not Max Holloway will make it to that cage on Saturday night in Toronto at UFC 231. Holloway’s 2018 has proven to be a difficult year with being pulled from his last fight with symptoms that looked like he was suffering from a concussion. Holloway says he is ready but leading up to fight night, the concern has not gone away.

The final press conference for UFC 231 was held yesterday and while some small trash talk took place, Ortega let it go when he was asked about Holloway’s health.

Ortega said, “At the end of the day I really do care about your health and how you are and how you’re doing,” looking at Holloway when he said it. “I know you have a son,” Ortega continued, “I know we’re gonna’ fight and all that [expletive] but all with all the bullsh*t aside, I do hope you’re alright.”

“I did worry about him, I do, swear to god but we’re gonna give you guys a show Saturday night.” – Brian Ortega

Holloway seemed to appreciate the gesture and said this fight at UFC 231 will be “greatest fight of all time.” Holloway seemed in good spirits at the press conference but that has not stopped fans and media from looking for any signs that he may not be okay. Holloway canceled all other scheduled appearances Wednesday with the exception of the final press conference he and Ortega faced off at.

Whether or not the cancelations were due to the concern for his health annoying Holloway or something is still wrong, only he knows but fans should hope for the best on Saturday night at UFC 231.

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