Brock McRobb - I plan on executing a finish

Brock McRobb – I plan on executing a finish

With a world of expectation on his shoulders, Muay Thai sensation Brock McRobb entered the AFC back in July looking to establish himself as a mixed martial artist. The AFC cage is quite different to the Muay Thai ring Brock had become accustomed to, however Brock immediately embraced the change and felt at home in the AFC:

“It felt great to be in front of a new audience and was happy to make some entertainment for the crowd”

Brock’s first MMA opponent was Stephen Thouliss, and Brock was well aware of the dangers his opponent brought forth. Brock’s performance on this occasion was very impressive, and although he too was happy with the way the fight went, he feels there is always room for improvement:

“Yes was a good performance I believe and looking forward to doing even better”

Early in the first round, Stephen was able to land a flush shot that dropped Brock. Like a true survivor, Brock was able to weather the ground ‘n’ pound storm and regain his composure. From cage side, Brock looked to be seriously hurt however from his perspective there may have been a little bit of pandering to the crowd:

“I felt fantastic the whole fight. I just like making a good show for the fans”

October 28 is a new day, and on that new day a new challenge will await. As Brock prepares for that challenge, he’ll do so in familiar grounds with a group of people he sincerely trusts:

“[I’ll be preparing] 24/7 at Hammers gym with the team like all fights”

That new challenge will come in the form of Dane Beeby. Dane has shown he is a fighter who is not afraid to enter the ‘mixed martial arts trenches’ and scrap like few AFC fighters have scrapped before. All of this seems to have little relevance to Brock who is simply looking to chalk up another ‘internet worthy’ finish:

“I plan on executing a finish like many of my other fights you can look up online”

When two experienced martial artists come together it is often difficult to determine who will have the key advantages or where those key advantages will be implemented or exploited. Brock however is clear on where he feels he’ll have the advantages:

“Experience, grit, fitness, technique, crowd support among many other things”

As mixed martial arts athletes and fans alike would by now be aware, the AFC and KLF Kunlun Fight have come together to form a global combat sports partnership. Brock is now right in the middle of this intriguing blend with a big fight on October 28, and he is all too aware of the opportunities that await:

“I see myself giving value to the show. I’ll go further for the AFC fans. I know my betting odds don’t pay well so I’ll give a free Brock’n’roll shirt to the first 30 people post fight who bet on me”

The Main Event on October 28 will see reigning champ Jamie Abdallah battle UFC and PRIDE veteran Sokoudjou. This is nothing short of a mouth-watering contest, and a contest in which most pundits are struggling to pick a winner. Brock is expecting nothing less than a blockbuster fight, however he is quietly confident he knows who will leave with the Light Heavyweight strap:

“Matchups like this excite me and I’m just happy to watch the action live. Jamie all the way”

This blockbuster card will definitely sell out so get your tickets now: Tickets