Burglar Enters Home of Mixed Martial Artist, Worst Decision He Ever Made


LaSavage (R)
LaSavage (R) w/ Sponsored Fighter.

Owner of Combat Corner Professional Uses Martial Arts to Defend His Family in Home Intrusion

On October 8, 2015, in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Dan LaSavage, the owner of Combat Corner Professional, manufacturer of MMA, BJJ & Thai Boxing equipment, recently had the unfortunate opportunity to put his skills to the test in a real life situation. Stepping inside the cage, you may win or lose, but in this situation, losing was not an option for LaSavage.

Before starting his successful company, which specializes in making combat equipment for athletes, he was an athlete himself. Training and fighting as a professional MMA fighter, LaSavage picked up many of the skills necessary to defend himself in a fight. Last week, LaSavage had to put those skills to the test in a setting where he never expected…his own home.

Burglar after being dragged outside home.

LaSavage recently closed on the home and his 3-year-old daughter, Julianna, were spending their first night in the new home. After hearing some unusual noises, LaSavage woke up and discovered a strange man digging through his belongings. He confronted the man and the intruder popped up and yelled something unintelligible. The man then lunged at LaSavage, who instinctually and immediately put the invader into a standing guillotine until he was unconscious. LaSavage dragged the man outside of his house and had to continue to incapacitate the intruder using various “techniques” he had learned from all of the time he spent training as a mixed martial artist.

The cops eventually came to LaSavage’s aid and arrested the man, who turned out to be a 47-year-old criminal with numerous arrests on his record. The police also found a crack pipe and a knife on the man. Although the man was beaten fairly badly, some other homeowners who do not have the same skill set in self-defense may have taken a different, more deadly route.

dan lasavage
LaSavage (L) Fighting.

LaSavage fortunately, had the foresight to not resort to firearms and was able to “beat him with mercy,” according to LaSavage. The intruder is now being charged with felony burglary, as well as, possession of drug paraphernalia. It looks like this man definitely will not be coming back for more trouble with LaSavage after their altercation, and may start to think twice about his career choice.

LaSavage now realizes, more than ever, the importance of self-defense. He considers it his mission to encourage others to be able to do the same. His daughter, Julianna, was unharmed and never even woke from her sleep.

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Below is a video he made explaining what happened the night of the incident.

Dan LaSavage

I made a quick video explaining what happened last night I don’t have the time to tell everyone individually that’s been calling.

Credit to Jenny D’Acquisto.

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