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Cecilia Brækhus Ready For Boxing To Resume

Women’s pound for pound great, Cecilia Brækhus, is ready to get back to boxing. On Matchroom Boxing’s podcast, ‘The Lockdown Tapes,’ Brækhus, would love to expand her scope to the UK. She is also very excited about the state of women’s boxing and how it has grown.

“From when I started to now has been incredible for woman’s boxing,” said Brækhus. “We are on every show, headlining bills, fighting in the Olympics and it’s incredible and such a big difference from how it once was. Being a part of it makes me feel incredibly lucky and I feel when I retire, I will be able to say I have played my part.”

Brækhus is ready to box again. Earlier in the year, she had flirted with the idea of boxing Bellator superstar, Cris Cyborg. She is eyeing Jessica McCaskill and wants to fight somewhere besides her home town.

“I am talking to Eddie Hearn and my team and following the guidelines. The McCaskill fight looks likely to be taking place in July and I am hoping this is the case as I can’t stay in Big Bear forever! I don’t care where the fight takes place because I have been fighting all over the world since the beginning of the career. Wherever the fight is I will be ready.”

Cecilia Brækhus is ready to get to the international stage. After seeing Joshua and Klitschko and has yearned to get there as soon as possible.

“I would love to fight in the UK. I went to Joshua vs Klitschko and I still get goosebumps thinking about it. Even though there were 90,000 people watching, the fight overshadowed everything, it was amazing.”

Cecilia Brækhus And The Nordic Government

Norway had made boxing illegal in 1981. Brækhus was monumental in getting the sport legalized in her home country again. She credits her World Champion status to get the sport back to Norway.

“I became a World Champion and had a bigger media profile. People would watch my fights in both Germany and Denmark because I couldn’t box in Norway and they started questioning how strange it was to have a World Champion who couldn’t fight in their home country. It was on live TV in Norway so people began coming to conclusions that this law was crazy!”

Cecilia Brækhus remembers working with her government to make her beloved sport legal again.

“When the new government came in, we began to work together. My team, my team in Norway and the politicians began to analyze things and when we broke the sport down we found out that a lot of the arguments making the sport illegal were out of date.”

The call for boxing in Norway was giant. “I was actually voted Sportsperson of the Year in Norway when professional boxing was illegal! It was a crazy situation.”

Brækhus is thinking about her post fighting career. But she thinks science will keep her in the sport for even longer than has been seen in athletes past.

“I think about life after boxing a lot and the good thing is that athletes can go on for longer due to the improvements in sports science, training and nutrition! Age isn’t a massive concern for me yet, but I am working hard on some other big projects which are keeping me busy.”

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