CFFC 86 results - James Gonzalez vs. Levi Mowles

CFFC 86 results – James Gonzalez vs. Levi Mowles

In the first of two nights of events, Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) kicked off the first night of fights with CFFC 86 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. CFFC 86 featured fight of the night was a bantamweight title fight between James Gonzalez and Levi Mowles. Gonzalez is the current CFFC featherweight champion so this means he was looking to hold two titles for CFFC by moving down to the bantamweight division.

The night got a main event winner but no title was awarded since Mowles missed weight for CFFC 86. Still, the card did not disappoint as there were many finishes, some worthy of “of the year” accolades and you can see the highlights along with the bout breakdowns here:

Garret Armfield vs. Kenny Richmond

Armfield seemed to be in a bit of trouble when the fight started but that did not last long once he started firing back. Short night for a big win for Armfield.

Frank Wells vs. Josha Vann

Wells seemed to be the better striker in all the rounds but Vann was not making it easy. However, it would seem that Wells would rather not leave it to the judges and in the third and final round, Wells delivered a crushing right hand to get the finish.

Eddy Torres  vs.  Jake Schilling

Torres who was already on a two-fight win streak via submission tried to get his third against Schilling. However, Schilling would be too savvy for his the attacking guard of Torres. So, in round two, Torres decided to forego the jiu-jitsu and fire away with Schilling. Schilling fired back but Torres would be the one to emerge the victor in round two as he landed more and kept moving forward. While it was not for a title, Torres walked out with a new belt. A black-belt from Daniel Gracie.

Christian Leonard  vs.  Dante Brown

This fight had Brown fight with confidence because he seemed to be able to pick shots to counter Leanord’s aggression. However, in round two the low hands of Brown would eventually allow Leanord to land a right hand that would end the fight, and earn a victory for Leonard.

Yohan Lainesse  vs.  Lirim Rufati

Not a lot to break down on this one.  Lainesse delivered a flying knee in round one that made for a short fight.

James Gonzalez  vs.  Levi Mowles Title fight

Only one man (Gonzalez) would be eligible to win the title in this fight as Mowles missed with according to John Morgan during the broadcast. Still, for four rounds of action Mowles would fight as if the title was still on the line. Mowles would win a unanimous decision victory over Gonzalez. While he walks away with the win CFFC still needs a bantamweight champion.


The fight card aired on UFC Fight Pass at 8:30 p.m. EST and you can see the full results below:

CFFC 86 Results below:

Title fight:  Levi Mowles defeats James Gonzalez via unanimous decision (40-36, 39-37,40-37) but without the title.

Yohan Lainesse  defeats  Lirim Rufati via knock out (flying knee) at 0:14 of round 1

Christian Leonard  defeats  Dante Brown via knock out at 2:44  of round 2

Eddy Torres  defeats  Jake Schilling via TKO at 1:12  of round 2

Frank Wells  defeats  Josha Vann vis knock out at 2:35 of round 3

Garrett Armfield defeats Kenny Richmond  via TKO at 4:18 of round 1



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