Chael Sonnen trashes scumbag Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen trashes “scumbag” Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen goes all in on ‘Bones’  Jones

With the UFC at a halt, Jon Jones has not stopped finding himself a topic of discussion.

First, he was arrested in Albuquerque for yet another DWI. A charge he plead down for, ultimately, a one-year supervised probation. Most recently he inserted himself into Anthony Smith’s home invasion. That soon turned into an alleged Twitter beef between him and Smith. It seems regardless of any fight cards, Jones can’t help but get in his own way. But this is not breaking news. They are just the most recent incidents in a long history for Jones. If negative press were a drug, Jones would be the entire 1986 Mets roster.

But love him or hate him, you cannot avoid discussing Jones. Today, Chael Sonnen set his sights on Jones on Submission Radio. Historically, Sonnen has had his fair share of legal trouble. But Sonnen has also played the bad guy for a large portion of his career. But if you thought his comments on Jones would be sympathetic, given the circumstances, you would be wrong.
“I think Jon Jones since his latest arrest, I mean, the mask is off,” Sonnen stated.
“The world’s known he’s a scumbag for a while, but now that he’s finally in touch with just what a dirty guy he is and now he’s putting out interviews. He’s steering into it,” he continued.

Sonnen later discussed Jones’ performance enhancing drug issues, something Sonnen is no stranger to himself.

Having history with Jones himself, Sonnen remembers how their fight at UFC 159 gave him the realization that Jones was on PED’s:

“I remember Jon and I locked up right in the beginning and I remember it was like a Volvo and a Mack truck, and he just pushed me across the octagon and my back even hit the cage,” Sonnen recalls.

“And I remember when it hit going, I’m in a bad night right now. I mean, I had a higher juice concentrate than Tropicana for that fight, and he still pushed me around. So, I remember when he pushed me around, I go, I know your secret, Jon. And it was about a year later where he failed more drug tests than I did – which actually disappoints me. I had the record, Jon had to take everything from me, including that. But I do remember when we locked up the first time, I knew what I was doing, and I’m the one getting shoved around,” Sonnen finished.

“The fact that he would be that level of a scumbag, just go with it, just be a scumbag,” Sonnen concluded.

Chael Sonnen interview below:

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