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Cheyanne Buys

Cheyanne Buys

Cheyanne Buys has unlimited superstar potential after captivating win on DWCS

Just a week ago, Cheyanne Buys was stepping into the cage for a fight on Dana White’s Contender Series and in doing so, she was facing the biggest moment and opportunity of her professional fighting career. With an impressive victory over Hilarie Rose, Buys would have the opportunity to earn a contract to the UFC and compete in the strawweight division.

Mission accomplished. With her husband JP and coach Sayif Saud in her corner, Buys showed off an incredible arsenal of attacks in her game, predominantly in striking, and made the most of her night. Not only did Buys win and impress in all aspects of her fight, she made everyone pay a bit more attention because of the personality she showed inside the cage.

As she began controlling the fight early on, nearing the end of the first round, Buys knew her game was strong in the striking department and told Rose to “get the f**k up” then immediately apologized. Hilarious, intense, and charming for a woman who could inject some great energy into the women’s strawweight division.

While there are some legendary fighters at the top of the UFC’s strawweight class, it will be fighters like Buys, who at 25-years old will certainly have some work to do, but she appears to have all the makings of a future superstar. This isn’t just a Cheyanne Buys hype piece, but it’s a written tale of seeing a professional fighter early on, identifying the “it” factor that they carry, and letting it be known, if she stays the course, Buys has an unlimited future inside the UFC and the world of MMA.

Not only inside the cage but outside of it she’ll remind her new boss Dana White to open her Instagram messages (another hilarious moment) and get everyone around her so charged up that the boss had to drop his own F-bomb when handing her a contract.

Earlier this week, Buys spoke with James Lynch and revealed she came into the fight against Rose with an injury, showing to the world that she wasn’t going to cave in and she had a contract to win.

This doesn’t mean Cheyanne Buys will skyrocket to the top and never face adversity, because if you listen to the story of her and her husband JP, adversity is the ever-living chapter they fight through on a daily basis.

Not to mention, Buys is a part of the Fortis MMA team, one of the most recognizable, rising, and talented teams in the entire MMA world, led by coach Sayif Saud. To his credit, Saud has taken both young fighters and veterans and brought them to heights never before seen, and his work with Buys, will be another example of that as she continues on.

Understanding the moment she was in on Dana White’s Contender Series was one thing for Buys, but now she’ll step into a world which will push her to understand that every social media post, every interview, and every fight will help build her into the star she can become.

This current season of Contender Series has seen contracts handed out in bunches, but the name Cheyanne Buys is one that fans should not only pay attention to, but it’s one that certainly has potential to not only be champion one day, but to be a transcendent star in this sport as well.

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