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Chris Rojas: “I can knock anybody out”

After 15 amateur contests Chris Rojas has been given the green light to make his pro debut which will come on September 28 at Kansas City Fighting Alliance. “Rumble” speaks with MyMMANews.com.

How do you feel now? Can you remember what it felt like when you first stepped on these mats, and comparatively speaking how do you feel now as a martial artist?
“Well, I feel a lot more complete. A lot more well-rounded: as a wrestler, a striker, a grappler. Everywhere the fight goes, I feel comfortable. No matter what’s going to happen in this fight, I’m going to feel comfortable with whatever this guy brings to the table.”

Seth Abeita told me after your last amateur MMA bout that it took years to get you to commit to the left hand. You did it and you scored a clean knockout. What did it mean to you?
“It meant the world to me. I knew I could make that happen and I can knock anybody out that I commit my shots to. And if I do that in this fight it’s going to be the same result.”

What’s the biggest take away from training that will stick with from the amateur days?
“The first year of getting in here. Getting beat up on these mats when there was no amateur program. When it was the old school Jackson’s way. Going and grinding it out with the pros. Sparring with Diego Brandao. My first-year training. Sparring with Diego Sanchez my first-year training. There’s nobody I’m going to face early on in my professional career that’s going to be better than either of those guys.”

Through this amateur run, do you feel like you’ve learned a lot about who Chris Rojas is?
“Absolutely, I faced a lot of adversity in my career, not only with a heartbreaking split decision loss. I got finished taking fights on short notice that I shouldn’t have taken. So, that was a real crucial learning point my amateur career. I fought five rounds as an amateur, battled adversity and came out with my hand raised. I’ve gotten quick finishes. I know I can finish people. So, it’s definitely been a good amount of experience as an amateur.”

KCFA: Fight for the Cure takes place on September 28th at the Truman Memorial Building in Independence, Missouri.

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