Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman defeats Omari Akhmedov at UFC Vegas 6.

Chris Weidman Out Grapples Omari Akhmedov to Victory in UFC on ESPN+ 32 co-main event

The UFC APEX will play host again for UFC on ESPN+ 32 tonight, Saturday, Aug. 8.

Heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Alexey Olenik are set to headline the event with middleweights Omari Akhmedov and Chris Weidman clashing in the co-main event.

Weidman (14-5) and Akhmedov (20-4-1) are scheduled to battle at middleweight in the co-main event. The former UFC middleweight champion returns to the MW division after a one-fight stint at the light heavyweight division was unsuccessful. “The All-American” has only won one fight in the last five years.

The Russian “Wolverine” enters this bout against the former UFC champion ranked No. 11 in the MW division. Akhmedov is currently on a five-fight win streak. Despite giving up a five-inch reach advantage, Akhmedov can benefit from the small octagon inside the UFC APEX.

Expect a three-round war between these two fighters. Their stats are nearly identical striking and grappling. The difference between the two fighters, Weidman is a former champion and has fought all the top tier strikers and grapplers in the UFC.

Here is how the middleweight bout between Omari Akhmedov and Chris Weidman went down at UFC on ESPN+ 32, including round-by-round scoring. For the Full results of the event, check them out right here. 

Round 1

Weidman takes the center of the cage immediately. An early low single-shot unsuccessful for the champion. Another double stuffed by the Russian. Another low single by Weidman bringing Akhamedov against the cage. The Russian fights off another takedown. Akhmedov trying to work the jab and body with several shots to the former champs body. Akhmedov lands a big right and then shoots a bad shot against Weidman. Weidman finally gets the takedown after they both stood back up. Working a cradle, Omari manages to break the grip and get back up. Weidman pushes the pressure as he dumps Omari against the cage back to the canvas. Chris pulls the hips of Omari away from the cage as he’s trying to pass into a half-guard. Weidman is controlling from the top but lands a few short elbows to finish the round. Weidman controlled the majority of the first round. scores the first round 10-9 Weidman.

Round 2

The second round opens with a kick by Weidman and Omari answers with a big right hand. Akhmedov earns a takedown of his own as he’s punishing Weidman while he returns to his feet. The two fights break the grip and exchange strikes. The big punch by Omari appears to have an effect on Weidman as he looks sluggish in round two. Weidman shoots another double. Transitions to a single leg, Omari escapes Chris’s grip. Omari continues to swing wild shots connecting on a few. The Russian works the body of a fatigued looking Weidman. Weidman sprawls and Omari turned the corner landing the takedown at the 2-minute mark. Weidman back on his feet. Omari continues to work the body and head with heavy shots. Weidman answering with jabs. Omari with another takedown, Weidman scooting away on the ground as the Russian won’t let him up but not doing anything. The rounds ended with the two exchanging straights. scored the second round 10-9 Akhmedov.

Round 3

Weidman continues to shoot shots and finally gets a takedown Omari works his way back up to his feet and Weidman trips him back to the canvas. Weidman has his back with a hook in. Weidman has a banana split in and Weidman finally lets it go and keeps the back of Omari. Weidman in full mount and looking for an arm and head triangle. Weidman sitting in full mount throwing little shots that don’t appear to be doing much damage. Weidman finally lands a couple of elbows. Akhmedov on the bottom not being able to do anything. Weidman goes back to work getting his head on the right side of the head and arm triangle, as he looks for a submission finish. Weidman trying to squeeze with 45-seconds left in the fight. Weidman rains down more elbows as the ten-second mard claps. Weidman ends on top with back control over Omari swinging until the ending horn.

MyMMA scores the third round 10-9 Weidman. scored Weidman winning the fight 29-28.

Official Results: Chris Weidman Def. Omari Akhmedov 29-27, 29-27, 29-28  via Unanimous Decision.

Weidman stuck to his game plan of attacking the legs of the Russian. Weidman with a strong wrestling pedigree displayed it at ESPN+ 32, as he earned a unanimous decision victory. Looking like he fatigued entering the second round, Weidman battled through to the third round where he caught a second wind and held Akhmedov down throughout the entire third round. As he sprinkled Akhmedov with shots, Weidman was really pressing for the submission. Akhmedov fought off the submission attempt and forced Weidman to sit on top and strike from his back as the final seconds ticked off the clock in the fight.

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