Chun and Nagel Capture USMTA Titles at AMTL, "Muay Thai in the DMV"

Chun and Nagel Capture USMTA Titles at AMTL, “Muay Thai in the DMV”

The American Muay Thai League (AMTL) event “Muay Thai in the DMV” on Saturday, May 27, 2017 did not disappoint one bit as once again the fans were treated to another great display of perseverance, true grit, and Muay Thai culture from the competitors.

In the main event, returning USMTA Mid-Atlantic 140lb Champion Chas Coady (Level Up: Bowie, MD) went up against David Chun (Kaizen MMA: Fairfax, VA). Throughout the bout, Coady and Chun displayed high level skill which deserved to be served and seen in the main event. Coady was able able to get some get some great shots in on Chun while trying to control the match at times with his clinching. However, Chun was able to break out of the clinching and return some effective shots of his own on Coady.

Chun was also able to time Coady throughout the match by sweeping Coady and “dumping” his opponent on the ring canvas. In the end, the judges awarded Chun with the decision win as Chun becomes the New USMTA Mid-Atlantic 140lb Champion. The co-main event featured Jake Darr (Ground Control: Baltimore, MD) vs. Holden Nagel (8 Points Muay Thai: Winston-Salem, NC) for the vacant 168lb USMTA Mid-Atlantic title.

Darr came in the match being the aggressor and firing off some well placed shots on Nagel. Nagel ended up suffering a nasty cut on the nose later in the match from a well placed elbow from Carr. To his credit, Nagel was able to counter and place the more effective shots on Carr as match went on. Nagel managed to tie up Carr with some well timed clinches while getting some knees into the body of his opponent. As the match went the distance, the judges awarded Holden Nagel with the win in becoming the USMTA Mid-Atlantic 168lb Champion.

The winners of the undercard of “Muay Thai in the DMV” are highlighted in red below:

Alon Kosteski (Lotus Thai Boxing, Fairfax VA) vs Jake Bowersox (Noel Smith BJJ, Glen Burnie MD) at 130lbs

Jenine Pilla (8 Points Muay Thai Winston Salem, NC) vs Natasha Sotynychuck (Revolution MMA, Richmond VA ) at 115lbs

Darnell Mickey (Level Up, Bowie MD) vs Matt Tisch (8 Points Muay Thai, Winston Salem, NC) at 140lbs

Tyler Bunting (Capital MMA ,VA) and David Gladfelter (Muay Thai Institute; Richmond, VA) at 190lbs

Nick Rossman (Level Up, Bowie MD) vs Ron King (Yamasaki, Woodbridge VA) at 128lbs

Max Carr (Lotus Thai Boxing, Fairfax VA) vs Nahom Demise (Beta Academy, Washington DC) at 165lbs

Vincent Rodriguez (Disciple MMA, Sterling VA) vs Ryan Balitify (House of Muay Thai, Norfolk VA) at 170lbs

Walter Meza (Lotus Thai Boxing, Fairfax VA) vs John Segal (8 Points Muay Thai, Winston Salem NC) at 130lbs

Abraham Coleman (Singnamsaab, Rockville MD) vs Brian Lane (Bang Bang Gym, Richmond VA) at 145lbs

Scott Copenhanover (Chok Sabai, NY) vs Kaleb Hunger (8 Points Muay Thai, Winston Salem NC) at 155lbs

Bizrat Asfera (Disciple MMA, Sterling VA) vs Anthony Lavadie (Bushido Muay Thai, Miami FL) at 125lbs
*Fight of the Night

Matt Pickney (8 limbs, Philadelphia PA) vs Jeff Boizer (AMT, Baltimore, MD ) at 160 lbs.

AMTL Promotions honors and respects those who made the ultimate sacrifice this past Memorial day. With respect, AMTL intentionally avoided announcing these results until after Memorial Day as we salute and honor all the families and friends of those who have fought for our freedom and rights in remembering them.

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