Charles Oliveira stuns Michael Chandler with comeback knockout

Coach of Charles Oliveira shares details of UFC 274 weight miss: “It was a shock, he cried”

The coach of former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira shared details of his UFC 274 weight miss, saying “it was a shock, he cried.”

Oliveira was set to make his second lightweight title defense against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274, but he stepped onto the scale heavy at 155.5lbs at the official weigh-ins. Unfortunately for Oliveira, he missed weight and became the first champion in UFC history to have their belt taken from them on the scale. However, Oliveira still ended up fighting Gaethje the next day and he submitted him in the first round.

Speaking to AG Fight about Oliveira’s weight miss, his coach at Chute Boxe, Diego Lima, admitted that it was a very difficult pill for Oliveira to swallow, with the coach revealing his student was in ‘shock’ and ‘cried.’ But what is even more surprising is that the coach admitted that Oliveira had a vision from God that he will be tested at the weigh-ins, and that turned out to be the case when he missed the weight.

“The funny thing is that on Thursday he came to me and said: ‘Lima, God told me that the test will be at the weigh-in, that I won’t even warm up’. But he was so good at weight, I thought what a problem he might have. He hit the weight on Thursday, he slept soundly, so what problem could he have? At the time it was a shock, he cried. But I reminded him about the proof being here (at the weigh-in), so you want a bigger proof? It’s all happening. Now it has become a much more personal thing and you will prove who is the champion. What they did to take you down, made you bigger in a way that tomorrow your fight will be seen ten times more,” Oliveira said.

What do you think is next for Charles Oliveira after missing weight for his fight against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274?

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