Colby Covington

Colby Covington gives final prediction for Tyron Woodley vs Kamaru Usman

In the co-main event of UFC 235, Tyron Woodley will be defending his belt against Kamaru Usman, not Colby Covington like many thought. Covington was the interim welterweight champion but has since been passed over by Darren Till and now Usman.

However, both Woodley and Usman said Covington is next for them, which means Covington could very well be fighting for the belt in his next fight. Meaning, this weekends fight is super important for Covington to watch and just two days out, he has given his final prediction for the fight.

“I see Woodley starching Usman,” Covington said (transcript via MMA Fighting). “I think Usman’s inexperience, he hasn’t really fought a good wrestler that can strike too. He doesn’t really have a good strategy. He tries to go forward and pressure a fighter but he doesn’t really have gas like that, he thinks he does but he really doesn’t, so I think he’s gonna get knocked out. He’s been dropped in fights. He got dropped by my teammate Hayder Hassan, he almost got knocked out by that one kid that was a jobber Emil… whatever [Emil Meek]. So he’s gonna walk into something. He’s walked into things and been dropped multiple times. He’s already starting to show signs of CTE so I think Tyron Woodley’s gonna knock him out.”

The other important welterweight fight on the card is Ben Askren taking on Robbie Lawler. Askren has been calling out Covington since he got into the UFC. So Covington decided to make a pick for that fight as well.

“Ben Askren looks like a 36-year-old virgin, he said. “He looks like my science teacher. That guy’s a joke. What’s wrong with that guy? But all things aside, I think he’s going to beat Robbie because Robbie’s the oldest man in the sport. He has the most significant strikes to the head in UFC history. Robbie’s a cool guy, I like the guy, but I hope he retires soon. I have a lot of love for that guy. He has a family. He needs to think about the longevity of his life and his brain health and he needs to think about getting out of this sport.”

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