Conor McGregor calls Dennis Siver a Nazi – Deletes Tweet

During yesterday’s UFC ‘Time is Now’ press conference brash talker, Conor McGregor and opponent Dennis Siver, a native of Germany, stood toe-to-toe.

Afterwards when photos of the stare down were released, McGregor posted one to his Twitter account saying “Kiss them feet Nazi.”


It is uncertain whether McGregor had a moment of clarity after sending the tweet or he was scolded by his bosses in doing so, but the photo was eventually taken down.  But in this day and age of technology somebody was able to grab a screenshot.

He replaced the original tweet with “Ich bin ein sowwy. Now about them feet… ”


Its not much of an apology and the UFC likely will not punish their prized fighter but you have to wonder if he gets off the hook, why?

Siver is of German descent but was actually born and raised in Russia before moving to Germany when he was of legal age.

McGregor takes on Siver on January 18 in Boston.


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