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Conor McGregor delivers passionate message to Irish government pushing for lockdown

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has always kept his home country of Ireland as one of the most important things in his life and during the COVID-19 global pandemic, he’s increased his concern towards his native country. On Tuesday, McGregor took to Instagram and delivered a passionate message to the government officials urging for a full lockdown of Ireland.

“While we are all currently debating a full lockdown, I feel that we must. Any time spent debating this is needless time from the clock. I know a good tough fight when I see one and we have one on our hands now. I want to call upon my people, the great people of Ireland, this fight needs us all, we are all in the red corner together awaiting the bell, so let’s gather together and ring the bell ourselves.”

McGregor continued his passionate speech calling for a full lockdown of Ireland and around the world.

“True lockdown must begin and it must begin now. A lockdown together. A lockdown united. We must close our airports, we must close all non-essential business, we must cut all non-essential travel. President [Michael D.] Higgins you must give these great men and women the power to enforce this task if necessary. However, I know that when the true seriousness is understood as it is becoming now, our great nation will oblige and impeccably do so. It is time for a full lockdown and we are ready.”

Being able to see what other countries have done during these trying times, McGregor feels there is an advantage for government leaders in Ireland to capitalize on and ensure the safety of everyone in Ireland.

“We have the advantage here in that we can see this coming, we can see this coming, but if we do not act on our advantage then we can not expect different results. We are not adhering to social distancing, at least not to the extent required to halt exponential growth. A lockdown will facilitate this, it will reduce transmissions, it will takethe  pressure off our front-line staff and it will allow us to identify all of our cases. These methods are stringent but necessary and have worked in China and Hong Kong. Ireland, we have got this, not only do we have the formula, we have it ahead of time. Let’s go Ireland. Let’s go rest of the World. Lockdown united, together we stand, God bless us all.”

Since Conor McGregor’s passionate message, the country of Ireland has made massive changes but Leo Varadkar, who is the Taoiseach in Ireland is not ready to call it a full lockdown. The full restrictions put in place can be found here courtesy of Dublin Live.

Practicing what he is preaching to his country’s government, McGregor posted a video of him training at home this past weekend.

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