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Conor McGregor Demos His Capoeira Kick On Conan

CONAN Highlight: Conor McGregor thinks he might break out his Capoeira Meia Lua kick on Nate Diaz and “ping it across his head,” but not before he nearly does it to Conan.

Diaz and McGregor will throw down at UFC 196 this weekend.  The fight is anticipated to be one of the biggest blockbusters the promotion has ever seen.  The Irishman McGregor was originally scheduled to fight Rafael Dos Anjos, but the Brazilian pulled of the competition citing a broken foot.

McGregor first detailed why he’s going to beat Diaz – “I feel he is repetitive and his foot patterns, he’s almost stuck in a routine” – before telling O’Brien about a Capoeira kick he might unleash in the octagon. “I like the left uppercut, although he has the height and the range, I still like that rear uppercut,” McGregor said. “I also like the Meia Lua, which is a half-moon, it’s a Capoeira technique where you spin and put your hand on the mat and swing your heel around like a baseball bat. It’s a technique I have become very good at and I’m getting better at it. So I think I might break it out and ping it across his head. I think that is an effective technique.”

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