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Disqualification would have cost Conor McGregor in Mayweather fight MMA News 

Disqualification would have cost Conor McGregor in Mayweather fight

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor recently opened up about the stipulation put in place that would ensure he did not try anything out of line during his August 26 boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Had the result of one of the biggest fights in boxing history ended by disqualification in favor of Mayweather, it would have cost McGregor a pretty penny.

“Here’s when I knew I was up against it: The ref was like, even if I lift my leg up, it’s a point deduction. I’m like, “How is that a point deduction without even a warning?” he said, as per the Daily Mail.

“So they’re telling me they’re going to deduct points straight off the bat. And if I do get disqualified for any reason, it was a $10million fine. Ten million f***ing dollars.

“They were making up all these f***ing stipulations like I wasn’t taking it seriously. Like I didn’t have a hall-of-fame referee at my camp present at every single spar. Do you know what I mean?

“I had a boxing referee in Ireland, a great boxing referee in Ireland and then Joe Cortez in Vegas, every single spar. I put in so much work and had given so much respect to the rule set and the discipline, I was kind of expecting it back.”

What is a disqualification worth?

McGregor ended up losing the fight via a tenth round TKO.  McGregor’s purse for the fight has been estimated at around $100 million. Mayweather is said to have collected a cool $259 million. Not too shabby. The $10 million disqualification price tag would have equaled 10 percent of the Irishman’s paycheck.

It is still uncertain exactly what McGregor’s next move will be although it is expected that he would return to the UFC to defend his lightweight title sometime in early 2018.

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