Proper Twelve Conor McGregors Proper No Twelve Irish Whiskey Launches in Canada

Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey Launches in Canada

Earlier today, Eire Born Spirits and its founder, Conor McGregor, announced the launch of Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey in Canada. Based on record-breaking demand, after less than one year Proper No. Twelve is available in a total of five countries including Ireland , the United States , the United Kingdom , Australia and now Canada.

“I am proud to bring Proper No. Twelve to Canada where many of my fans and friends live. Many thousands of Canadians have asked for Proper, and we have now delivered our delicious blend of golden grain and single malt. This is pure liquid gold aged four years in Bourbon barrels,” said McGregor , Founder & Chairman of Eire Born Spirits.

Proper No. Twelve is now available in Ontario , British Columbia , Alberta , Saskatchewan , New Brunswick and Yukon Territory , and will be available in remaining provinces and territories soon.

McGregor added, “Proper No. Twelve is a Proper Irish Whiskey from a Proper Irish Man! The name Proper No. Twelve pays homage to where I was born and bred in the Dublin suburb of Crumlin, Dublin 12 – it is a proper whiskey and Twelve is where it began for me. My success can be traced from the lessons I learned growing up in D12, the values of loyalty and hard work, the ‘One For All’ mentality. It is a brand made for all, not the select few.”

Proper No. Twelve donates to first responders for every case of Proper No. Twelve sold. “First responders and emergency personnel are the proper heroes all over the world. They are the first ones in and the last ones out and we want to thank them for their commitment, loyalty and selflessness,” said McGregor. Eire Born Spirits has committed to donate $5 for every case sold to local first responders and emergency service personnel, up to $1 million annually. These people and organizations will be identified for each country around the world and donations will go directly to specific countries where sales take place. For every case sold in Canada , $5 USD will be donated in Canada.

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