Correia on Rousey: “I’ll do her a favor and knock that mole off her face with a punch.”

Brazilian born mixed martial artist Bethe Correia is on a three-fight win streak inside the UFC octagon.  She is a perfect 9-0, with two of those wins coming over close friends of current UFC bantamweight champion ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey.  Correia defeated two of the four horsewomen in Jessamyn Duke and Shayna Bazler.  The only other option besides Rousey is Marina Shafir who is not contracted under the UFC banner and also fights one weight class above the other three.

“People know me as the horsewomen killer. I killed two already, and I will kill the number one next,” Correia said. “I’m cleared to fight in March, and I will fight whoever they want. Whoever steps inside the Octagon with me will go down. I want to be known as the greatest knockout artist in the UFC.”

Correia who also goes by the nickanme ‘Pitbull’ was offered a fight against Rousey’s arch nemesis Miesha Tate but had to decline the option due to injury.

Rousey will defend her title against Cat Zigano at UFC 184 on Feb. 28., but that hasn’t stopped Pitbull from talking up a fight with the champ.

“I will knock Ronda out in the first round,” Correia told “I want her to beat Zigano fast and without injuries, so we can fight right after. I want to be the one to take her title.

“I will knock Ronda out in the first round, but first I’ll do her a favor and knock that mole off her face with a punch.”

Rousey has a mole underneath her left eye.  She was born with it and although she could probably have it removed she has opted not to.  It is something that sets her apart from others and makes her who she is.

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