Cowboy Fight Series 4

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Cowboy Fight Series 4 Live Results: Lyons vs Shermer

Closing out the year with a spectacular fight card, Cowboy Fight Series has been one of the most highly talked about amateur promotions in the country. Never short on fantastic bouts, Cowboy Fight Series 4 has 15 bouts scheduled, with 4 of which bouts being tournament championships to crown a new CFS champ in the featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, and middleweight division.

In the main event of the evening, James “LyonHeart” Lyons looks to keep his momentum through the roof as he faces hometown favorite, Marshall “Law” Shermer in his backyard to determine the new Cowboy Fight Series Featherweight Tournament Champion. Leading up to this bout, neither fighter lacked confidence in their ability to stop the other before final bell sounds. Tonight is the night fans have been waiting for to see these two top featherweight prospects close out 2019 and finish their business in the cage.

The co main event of the evening slates Craig Willingham Jr. Against Mark Ari Lewis for the CFS welterweight strap. This bout was originally scheduled to be Willingham vs Tyler Bunting (as Bunting defeated Lewis at CFS 3). However, due to unfortunate circumstances, Bunting had to withdraw from this bout, with his previous opponent filling the void to name the Cowboy Fight Series inaugural welterweight champion.

Another title bout to be added into the books is CFS championship books will be Rex Hazuka taking on David Gladfelter for the CFS middleweight championship. Back in October at CFS 3, both of these fighters engaged in two separate fan favorite bouts that had the crowd erupting until its conclusion. Will Gladfelters experience and power be the decisive factor in this bout? Or will Rex battle the adversity and keep his track record of decisive finishes running?

Wrapping up the lightweight championship tournament, Josh Francis and Rob Shermer go head to head for the CFS gold. Both fighters coming off of spectacular decisive bouts at Cowboy Fight Series 3, left it all in the cage to claim their spot in the tournament finale. Now, these two lightweight gladiators meet, center-cage for CFS gold.

In a last minute addition to the bout card specifics. The 125lb contest between Ben Coyle and Ramon Neyra has been billed for a the vacant CFS Flyweight Championship.

Full Cowboy Fight Series 4 results below:

James Lyons vs. Marshall Shermer

Round 1: Lyons throws a headkick to start this featherweight championship bout. The kick grazes Shermer as he catches the kick, and dumps Lyons to the canvas with a heavy slam. Shermer lands in side control and Lyons regained guard as Shermer attempts to stand and Lyons snatches a foot and begins looking to secure Shermers heel. Shermer fended the attack off briefly, but Lyons stayed on the submission attempt, finally locking it and forcing Shermer to tap 48 seconds into the opening stanza and captures the CFS featherweight championship.

Winner: James Lyons Via heel hook 48 seconds into round 1

Craig Willingham vs. Mark Ari Lewis

Round 1: A slight feeling out process between the fighters and Willingham commits first with a punches. Lewis paws his jab and looks to soften Willlinghams leg with several kicks. Lewis fires a straight left hand that stops Willingham in his tracks, seemingly hurting him. Lewis stays poised and looks to set up the finish opposed to going for the kill. Willingham looks to make up some ground, pressing forward with his punches, often. The fighters tie up with Lewis taking Willingham for a ride up and crashing to the canvas and is able to lock up a guillotine when the bout hits the floor. With 10 seconds left, Willingham escapes and stands as the bell sounds.

Round 2: Willingham is looking to be the aggressor in this round as Lewis circles and throw kicks to the oblique, keeping Willingham at distance. Willingham continues to dictate the pace of the bout staying active with his marching Lewis down while peppering some punches and kicks for scoring leverage. Getting comfortable, Willingham gets flashy with jumping front kick following another front kick attempt to the face. Lewis blitzes off of the fence at random, to keep himself in the mix, but Willingham is walking him down and controlling the cage with his pressure and non-stop pawing strikes to keep Lewis guessing.

Round 3: Lewis comes forward early in this round, pressing Willingham against the cage. The two fighters get into a heated exchange and the bout makes its way to the canvas. Willingham immediately gets dominant position and starts teeing off on Lewis wIth heavy ground and pound. Lewis stays in the fight, actively looking for a single leg on Willingham. Willingham continues the punishment with hammerfists and unanswered punches until the referee has seen enough and steps in to stop the bout.

Winner: Craig Willingham Jr Via TKO at 2:39 of round 3

Rex Hazuka vs. David Gladfelter

Round 1: These fighters waste no time trading heavy leather with Hazuka clipping Gladfelter early. Gladfelter is badly rocked, but recovers quickly and begins to utilize his thai clinch, landing heavy knees to Hazuka’s face. Hazuka takes to walking his opponent down, throwing heavy hooks when he’s within striking distance, while Gladfelter is slowing down the pace, and technically piecing his punch combinations together with nasty knees in the clinch landing cleanly in a bloody opening round.

Round 2: The fighters throw minimal strikes before Hazuka takes Gladfelter to the canvas. Hazuka is able to trap one of Gladfelters arm, leaving Gladfelter to defend himself with the other arm, as Hazuka unloads crushing right hands to a grounded Gladfelter that has the referee closely looking on. Gladfelter withstands the punishment as the clock winds down.

Round 3: Gladfelter starts the round with straight punches, while Hazuka looks to load up with his devastating hooks. Gladfelters punches start to find their mark, cleanly on Hazukas face, seemingly having Hazuka hurt. Gladfelter senses Hazuka is hurt and he calculatingly picks what strikes he wants to commit to. Hazuka shoots for a takedown that Gladfelter see’s and stuffs. Hazuka is showing signs of exhaustion, with heavy breaths as Gladfelter continues to wisely pick his shots to score and outpoint his foe. With 10 seconds left, both fighters let the rest of their gas tank hang out with back and forth punches to close this championship bout.

Winner: David Gladfelter Via unanimous decision.

Josh Francis vs. Rob Shermer

Round 1: Shermer wastes no time blitzing forward with a punch combination that gets Francis off balance. Shermer follows Francis to the ground and quickly wraps up a neck looking for an arm in guillotine. Shermer holds on for potentially too long as it seems his arms are gassing, and he lets go of the hold. Francis immediately pounces and secures full mount on Shermer, looking for ground and pound. With 10 seconds left in the round, Francis postures up for some quick ground and pound to beat the clock, and looks to transition into a submission as the first bell sounds.

Round 2: Shermer opens this round with a head kick that narrowly misses its mark. Both fighters get mixed up trading kicks and the bout hits the canvas with Francis looking to secure his own guillotine. Shermer escapes and looks to advance but Francis throws his legs up for the triangle choke and it’s only a matter of moments before Shermer is forced to tap.

Winner: Josh Francis Via triangle choke at 2:13 of the second round.

125 lbs- Ben Coyle vs Ramon Neyra

Round 1: Coyle leads the bout with a leg kick to set the pace. Neyra answers with a straight right. Coyle begins pawing his jabs to set up his kicks. Neyra presses his way in clipping Coyle with a hook. Coyle pushes through with vicious combinations, some blocked, and some landing flush. Neyra catches a teep thrown from Coyle and follows up with his own punch attempts. The two fighters briefly trade, center-cage. Coyle stays glued to Neyra at every step with his pressure, stalking and putting on Neyra. Neyra looks to come forward at times, but this round is all Coyles as he dictates the pace with his mixing up his striking between uppercuts, straights, and hooks. All landing at will to set the standard of this bout.

Round 2: Coyle continues where he left off. He isn’t letting Neyra blink with his relentless pressure from the bell. While walking Neyra down, Coyle is seemingly taking the lead on the scorecards with ease, given his constant output. For every punch Neyra throws, Coyle is outscoring him vastly. Coyle senses Neyra is fading with the bloodying of Neyras face and pounces on his prey. Reminiscent to his last CFS outing, Coyle blitzes forward with his punch combinations…Once within distance, Coyle closes the space, marching forward with knees and elbows that crumbled Neyra. Coyle continues the attack with little ground and pound needed as the referee is already on his way in to stop the bout, thus crowning the inaugural CFS Flyweight Champion.

Winner: Ben Coyle via TKO. 2:54 into round 2

185 lbs- Carlos Martinez vs Zion Tomlinson

Round 1: Tomlinson looks to start this bout with his technical striking. Leading with teeps and leg kicks to start the action. Tomlinson looks sharp, landing clean strikes. Martinez attempts a head kick, narrowly missing, slipping and falling to the canvas. Tomlinson looks to pounce on his grounded opponent with an onslaught but is halted by Martinez, getting a grasp and reversing the position, landing on top for the rest of the round with heavy ground and pound strikes.

Round 2: Some heavy striking from both fighters starts this round and Martinez closes the distance for a takedown but Tomlinson is able to fend it off. Tomlinson closes the distance with a lead elbow that narrowly misses. An all out brawl breaks out, center—cage with both fighters throwing caution to the wind in a heated striking exchange. Both fighters land clean shots with Tomlinson looking to get the best of the exchange. Martinez closes the distance again, and gets Tomlinson to the ground, landing in Tomlinsons guard. Martinez settles in for some nasty ground and pound, a position he is known and dominant in, as he looks to wear and grind away at Tomlinson. Martinez stands to advance his ground and pound position while Tomlinson throws several up-kicks, missing their mark. Martinez positions himself in side mount, transitioning to full mount for ground and pound. Tomlinson then gives up his back for Martinez to secure rear naked choke to close the round

Round 3: Martinez leads with sharp left hooks and straight punches that seem to hurt Tomlinson. Martinez gets the bout to the ground, again with Tomlinson seemingly tiring. Martinez gets dominant position, posts up and fires constant right hands With Tomlinson absorbing serious damage. Tomlinson rolls to his stomach, laying/putting all of his weight on Martinez gloves with Martinez having trouble getting his hands free. Martinez bucks his arms out and continues to punch away from the back. Tomlinson scrambles and turns his back to the canvas. Martinez postures up for elbows and vicious ground and pound. With 10 seconds left, both fighters start swinging away with Martinez having Tomlinson in full mount to close this championship bout.

Winner: Carlos Martinez Via Unanimous Decision

145 lbs- Luke Staley vs. Luke Hunsaker

Round 1: Neither fighter wastes time while blitzing forward with vicious punch combinations. Staley fires several head kicks, to no avail while Hunsaker looks to counter. Staley is staying the more active of the two with his consistent output. Hunsaker pushes his jab out to keep gauging distance but Staley presses his foe against the cage with an over/under hook and starts with the footstomps. He gets the bout to the ground and goes to work looking for Hunsakers neck. Hunsaker is able to stand, briefly. Staley stays active on his opponent and pulls guard with Hunsaker’s neck in his grasps and is able to secure the guillotine choke in the opening stanza.

Winner: Luke Staley 2:46 into the first round

165 lbs- Kyle Johnson vs. Zach Krapf

Round 1: A brief feeling out process, and both fighters start to pick up the pace. They exchange jab attempts and Johnson closes the distance, pressing Krapf against the cage. Krapf is able to reverse the position and gets the bout to the ground and in top position. Krapf takes his time setting up his strikes, but making them count when he commits. A very technical opening round in the books.

Round 2: Johnson presses forward again with his jabs setting up his straight right. He continues to stalk Krapf, with Krapf circling the outside of the cage, waiting for his opportunity to strike. Krapf tries to come forward with single strikes but is met by Johnsons counter strikes at every exchange. Johnson lands a flush left hook that Krapf acknowledges with a nod and Krapf switches levels and gets the bout to the ground. Johnson is able to stand back up quickly and Krapf dives in for another takedown that is stuffed. Johnson circles Krapf’s back and looks to close the round with punches.

Round 3: Johnson puts the pressure on Krapf from the opening bell, but Krapf is landing cleanly while Johnson’s output stays unmatched. Johnson is still in the fight, but the constant stalking is leaving Johnson open to punishment. Johnson persists with the pressure, backing up Krapf and Krapf is loading up on his punches and kicks when he commits. Johnson is landing his own shots at random, but the pressure is keeping him ahead, seemingly. Both fighters pick their shots as the seconds wind down and Krapf throws an unsuccessful rolling thunder kick to close the bout.

Winner: Kyle Johnson Via Split decision

145 lbs- Tyler Hiob vs. Mohammad Ali

Round 1: Hiob looks to keep his distance with a teep kick to start the bout. Ali lets his hands go, looking to test Hiobs chin. Hiob fires another kick that Ali times and catches Well. Utilizing his height, Hiob secures Ali’s neck. Ali looks to get Hiob off and create space as quickly as possible, but it’s too late as Hiob has it locked in tight, and its a matter of seconds before Ali is forced to tap.

Winner: Tyler Hiob via Guillotine at 33 seconds into round 1

145 lbs: Caleb Knepney vs. Dallas Manspile

Round 1: Knepney commits first with a leg kick and pressing forward with some punches. Manspile gets the bout to the ground, briefly. Knepney stands back up and looks to continue to press Manspile and utilize his size advantage. Knepney keeps the pressure on Manspile and takes the bout to the canvas where he looks to inflict his will. Knepney stays active on top, raining ground and pound on his opponent. Manspile throws up-kicks to keep the attacks at bay as Knepney looks to advance position as he starts hammering Manspile with nasty ground and pound. Manspile gives up his back with Knepney following with some more ground and pound, followed by a rear naked choke attempt where he has both hooks in. Manspile is flattened out by Knepney as he looks to lock up a rear naked choke to close the opening round.

Round 2: Both fighters press forward with Manspile backing Knepney and Knepney tripping backward into the cage. Manspile quickly follows him to the mat and locked up a tight guillotine. Knepney survives and the fighters scramble. Manspile secures an inverted triangle but Knepney escapes, yet, again. Knepney is able to get the advantage back on top as he closes the round with hammerfists to the side of Manspiles head.

Round 3: Knepney looks to set up an early takedown with a few leading strikes and gets Manspile to the ground. Knepney stays active from the top scoring points. Manspile gives up his back and Knepney wastes no time to throw hammerfists to the side of his opponents head, while working his hooks in. Knepney gets both hooks in and starts relentless ground and pound to the side of Manspiles head. Manspile is bloodied but isn’t going anywhere and fighting for position at every turn. Knepney flattens Manspile out with his hooks in with 10 seconds left and puts some final punches on his opponent to secure the win.

Winner: Caleb Knepney via Unanimous Decision

125 lbs: Syd Ross vs. Tia Jablonsky

Round 1: Jablonsky opens quickly with a head kick. Ross forces the action early with straight punches in bunches down the middle, landing often. Jablonsky uses her range in an attempt to keep her range with side kicks but Ross blitzes through the attempts with her relentless punch combos. Ross closes the distance and lands some brutal pin point punches that has red hurt badly. Ross picks Jablonsky up and slams her to the mat with authority. Ross follows her wounded opponent to the floor where she persists the punishment with heavy ground and pound to her opponents head. Jablonsky was able to scramble out with minimal time left in the round and Ross continues with constant pressure, landing blows to close the round.

Round 2: Jablonsky lands a headkick in the early seconds of the second round and Ros pushes right through it and picks up where she left off, blitzing with a heavy punches. Jablonsky gets the fight to the ground where both fighters scramble for position. Ross is looking to land vicious ground and pound strikes, while Jablonsky is desperately searching for submissions.

Round 3: Jablonsky starts the round looking to keep her distance with jabs and kicks from the outside. Ross walks through her opponents attempts with her bully-like style and continues the punishment on the feet. Several punches looked to daze Jablonsky and she closes the distance for a takedown. She lands in Ross’ guard with Ross throwing up her legs with an armbar attempt. Jablonsky works her way though it and gets the bout back to the feet where both fighters have a fairly even trade, briefly. The bout hits the mat again with seconds left in the bout with Jablonsky looking for a last second submission, but to no avail as the final bell sounds.

Winner: Syd Ross via Unanimous decision.

165 lbs: Tony Godinez vs. Jebari Weekes

Round 1: Godinez opens up with a leg kick leading into a straight down the middle. Godinez follows his foe back in with another straight punch combination and Weekes starts to engage in return. Weekes throws an early headkick that is blocked. Weekes lands a punch that looks to wobble Godinez briefly and Weekes looks to capitalize on the moment. Godinez quickly recovers while Weekes looks to attack Godinez against the cage. Godinez makes the separation and they return to center cage. Weekes throws a flying knee that puts Godinez down, but it isnt clear if the blow landed. Godinez quickly gets back to his feet and Weekes attempts a Saenchai kick to finish the fight with style. Weekes narrowly misses his mark and Godinez presses forward to inflict some last second damage to close the round.

Round 2: Weekes wastes no time throwing sharp punch combinations to rock Godinez and drops him briefly. Weekes looks to capitalize again on his wounded opponent. In the heat of an exchange, Weekes fires low and the action is halted briefly. Once the action resumes, the bout hits the floor almost immediately with weeks on top looking to soften his opponent up with blows to advance his position. Godinez gets Weekes in his guard and looks to utilize his grappling, as he secures a neck for a guillotine. Weekes escapes and the fighters come to a stall on the ground, forcing the referee to stand the fighters up with a few seconds left in the round.

Round 3: The fighters trade throwing kicks for the opening seconds of the round with neither landing anything efficient. Godinez rushes Weekes, clinching and pushing him into the fence where he goes on the attack, firing knees To the midsection. Godinez gets a single leg and lifts Weekes over his head and slams him to the canvas with a bang. Godinez lands on top with an arm secured in his crucifix position, and Godinez rains brutal short punches and hammer-fists to Weekes as time ticks away in the final round. The round closes with Godinez pouring on ground and pound from the top, but Weekes actively throwing punches from the bottom.

Winner: Jebari Weekes via Unanimous decision.

135 lbs: Frank Posko vs. Jude Hammad

Round 1: The fight begins with both fighters exchanging leg kicks and Hammad switches levels for an early takedown. In the takedown attempt, Posko locks up Hammads neck early in the opening round with an arm-in guillotine that has Hammad in trouble early and he’s forced to tap.

Winner: Frank Posko via Guillotine choke at 33 seconds of round 1

145 lbs: Lee Richardson vs. Duane Powers

Round 1: The fighters circle and Powers looks to touch gloves but Powers isn’t having it. The fight breaks out as a back and forth slugfest with both landing respective leather early on. Richardson fires a leg kick that sweeps his opponent. Richardson follows his foe to the floor looking for some ground and pound with some heavy shots landing. Richardson stands up to gauge his downed opponent and follows him down to the floor for some more ground and pound from side mount. Powers scrambles, gets his feet against the cage and almost scores the reversal. During a scramble, Richardson lands in Powers full guard where he finishes the round for some more ground and pound.

Round 2: Powers starts the round with a straight that narrowly misses, that he spins into a backfist, also missing. Richardson looks to stay light and bounce in and out with his strikes. Powers is more open to a brawl. Powers is biting on Richardson’s strikes, which is taking its toll in the striking. In a back and forth round that was technique vs brawler the 10 second mark sounded as Richardson gets another trip and lands on top for added points to close the round.

Round 3: Richardson opened up the round with quick straight punches down the pipe. Powers is looking to match blow for blow, but Richardson’s evasiveness, and footwork is proving tricky to keep up with. Richardson closes the distance and gets the fight to the mat again. Richardson works his way to full mount and is looking to trap an arm. Powers quickly recognizes the advancement and rolls out, landing on top in guard. The action stalls and referee stands the bout back up. Richardson quickly goes on the attack, again and gets Powers against the cage where he works in some punches to the head to close the round.

Winner: Lee Richardson via Unanimous decision

185 lbs: Tre Cook vs. Daniel Miller

Round 1: Both fighters touch glove and cook opens up with his hands first scoring a few right hooks. Miller switches levels and presses Cook against the cage. Cook gets the underhooks and fires a few knees to Millers mid section. Miller stayed pressed against Cook until Cook pushes off and throws a side kick for distance. The fighters clinch-center cage and Miller gets ahold of his opponent and drags him to the ground, landing in full mount. Miller tees off with some ground and pound to the head until Cook gives Up his back. Miller quickly gets ahold of the neck and secures a bout ending rear naked choke.

Winner: Daniel Miller via rear naked choke at 2:38 of round 1

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