Dan Spohn

Dan “The Dragon” Spohn will be pissed if he misses out on PFL playoffs due to Ronny Markes missing weight

Dan Spohn and Bazigit Ataev are even. In 2018, Ataev controlled their first-round matchup until Spohn knocked him out in the third round. In 2019, Ataev returned the favor by landing an uppercut in the first round to ruin Spohn’s evening after Spohn was leading the way in the beginning of the fight.

“I felt like I was doing pretty good, I had a pretty good start, and I was getting my timing and my combinations were landing well. I did some stuff we actually had talked about in the camp not doing, backed up to the cage, felt myself getting crowded and once he clipped me, that’s when it started going down hill.”

Ahead of the fight, Spohn said that if he wasn’t on his A-game, Ataev was capable of taking him out. Though he believes he was on his A-game, it’s just the nature of the sport.

“I felt good, I don’t want to take away from his performance, I felt like I was doing really good and everything felt alright and its one of the things in the sport we’re in, small gloves and it only takes one good hit to put you on clear street and from here on, you’ve gotta fight your way out of it.”

Spohn was scheduled to face Ronny Markes in his second-round matchup in PFL’s regular season but the bout was cancelled when Markes missed weight. Spohn was awarded three points and paid his show and win money. However, he won’t have the opportunity to earn more points and will have to wait and see if it is good enough to earn him a spot in the playoffs. Here is Spohn’s comment on the situation:

“Well I first saw Ronny sitting on the floor cutting weight and he had two pounds to go with two hours remaining. He looked like he gave up. I weighed in at 206 on the limit as a professional. PFL President Ray Sefo personally informed me that the fight wasn’t going to happen. It was very disappointing, I knew I had the finish in the first in sight. That being said, if I don’t get in the tournament from lack of points I will be extremely pissed off. Ronny stole an opportunity from me. The worst part is watching the fights. I live for this and it was taken from me.”

Dan Spohn
Photo courtesy of Spohn’s Instagram account

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