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Dana White Gave an Exclusive Interview to The Schmo

Dana White, like everyone else, was wondering who that last guy was that asked about the 165-pound division at the end of the seasonal press conference. Well, he calls himself “The Schmo”, and if you get past the goofy tone and self-promotion, not only did he ask a decent question but he also presented a nice option that fans would not mind seeing. If that were not true, White likely would not have given him an exclusive interview after the seasonal press conference last week.

The Schmo is a sports personality created by Dave Schmulenson who interviews professional athletes and seems to build a report with them by “injecting humor with self-deprecation” according to his official website. The formula seems to work since he has one-on-one interviews with Jon Jones, Mike Perry, and Kamaru Usman in the past.

It certainly worked with White since he gave some of his time to clarify his reaction and reiterate his stance on a 165-pound division. The Schmo pointed out that fighters from the lightweight and welterweight divisions would likely want in, or at least to try their luck in a new weight class and White said that drawing away from the two existing divisions would hurt them.

To counter the suggestion, White brings up a good point especially with what is happening currently in both the lightweight and welterweight divisions. “What’s more exciting right now than 155 and 170 divisions?” asked White. He added, “They’re probably the two most exciting divisions out there right now. Creating a third division weakens both of those.”

In keeping with his humorous tone, The Schmo pointed out White’s history of saying things would not happen in the UFC, then having them happen by saying, “UFC fans remember this day, cause if we have a 165-pound weight division one day Dana said right now, we’re not gonna have it. We may have it one day though.”

White shut that down with, “I just signed a deal for seven years so you’re not gonna have one for seven years. That I can promise you.”

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