Dana White happy for Brock Lesnar

Dana White happy for Brock Lesnar

Dana White happy for Brock Lesnar

It was announced yesterday that former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar would not be returning to the UFC and competing in MMA despite rumors he was leaving the WWE again.  Lesnar himself states that he had been training for a return to the sport but that he was lacking something mentally and realized that he already achieved the greatest accolade, the UFC heavyweight championship.

UFC President Dana White was later asked for his reaction regarding his former champion’s decision.

“I’m happy for him,” White said. “He was always a standup guy. I knew about this three hours ago. He called us and let us know. From what I understand Vince [McMahon] made him a deal that he couldn’t refuse, which is awesome. I’m happy to hear that. I’m happy for both of them.”

“This is a sport where you’ve got to be all in,” said White. “You’ve got to be like McGregor and Aldo. Brock had a really good stint here. He did some amazing things and it was fun to have him.”

Lesnar left the UFC in 2011 after back-to-back losses to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem.

“I’m officially closing the door on MMA,” Lesnar said. “It was hard. I re-signed last night with the WWE. We came to a conclusion last night. The offer on the table, I just could not refuse.”

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