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DWCS 24 results: 3 UFC contracts, developmental deal earned

On Tuesday night, Aug. 13, 2019, 10 more fighters prepared to make their combat sports dreams a reality at Dana White’s Contender Series 24. The event took place from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

In the main event, William Knight took on Herdem Alacabek in a battle of unbeaten light heavyweights. After two hard-fought rounds, that many had Alacabek winning, Knight turned the corner with a huge knee that hurt his opponent. Knight continued to pour it on and was able to get the comeback finish with less than 30 seconds to go.

Also, in a battle of experienced 135-pounders, 20-fight veteran Ray Rodriguez took on current CES MMA bantamweight champion, and 23-fight veteran Tony Gravely. It was a fun fight where Rodriguez showed a lot of toughness. In the end, Gravely was too much en route to a third round TKO.

LFA women’s bantamweight champion Sarah Alpar continued with her winning ways, submitting Shanna Young in the second round.

If you are a hardcore regional MMA fan, this may have been the most evenly matched fight card of the entire season, which will wrap up on Aug. 27.

In the end, UFC president Dana White awarded contracts to Tony Gravely, Sarah Alpar and Brok Weaver. William Knight was awarded a developmental deal.

Here is how it all went down in Las Vegas, including round-by-round scoring and updates.

Julius Anglickas vs. Karl Reed


Reed lands a kick to the body immediately as he looks to make the second Contender Series appearance the charm. Redd shoots for a single and pushes Anglickas up against the cage. Reed lifts his opponent off of his feet but can’t finish the takedown. Anglickas reverses position and forces Reed against the fence. They trade knees in the clinch as the referee is thinking about separating the fighters. Elbows to the side of the head by Reed as Anglickas continues to work for the takedown. Reed lands another flurry of elbow before getting taken down. Anglickas has the back, but Reed gets right back to his feet. Reed misses a big elbow as we approach the 90 second mark. Reed shoots in with a double and gets Anglickas airborne for a takedown. Under a minute to go and Reed is trying to keep his opponent on the mat. Reed lands a short elbow and Anglickas gets back to his feet. They trade punches as the round comes to an end. scores it 10-9 for Reed


Leg kick lands by Anglickas to kick things off. Another leg kick, and a third by Anglickas. Reed lands a nice left hand but Anglickas is able to duck under and take Reed’s back. They battle against the fence and Anglickas picks up and slams Reed. Right hands by the LFA light heavyweight champion. Anglickas lands a low blow on Reed to stop the action momentarily. Reed throws a sneaky high kick and Anglickas lands another takedown. Reed right back to his feet as the battle against the fence commences. Referee taking another close look and, this time, separates them. High kick blocked by Anglickas and Reed lands a takedown of his own. Reed gets to side control and looking to mount. Anglickas works back to half guard and looks to get back to his feet. Reed has a deep choke on the feet, but Anglickas is able to slip out. Anglickas with a nice elbow and a knee in the clinch. Right hand by the Lithuanian and the horn sounds. Another slow start, but strong finish to the round. scores it 10-9 Anglickas


The action picks up a little more to start the final round as they trade shots. Anglickas pushes Reed against the fence and lands a pair of nasty elbows, a knee behind it. Anglickas was looking great with the striking but elects to work for a takedown. Anglickas works to Reed’s back and Reed got caught grabbing the cage. Anglickas with a big knee to the body and Reed is breathing heavy as he gets take down. Anglickas takes Reed’s back again and lands a pair of left hands. Reed gets taken down again after he gets back to his feet with under two minutes to go. Anglickas on Reed’s back again and is throwing right hands. Anglickas locks in a rear naked choke, no hooks in, and Reed is forced to tap.

Official result: Julius Anglickas def. Karl Reed via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 3, 3:25

Ray Rodriguez vs. Tony Gravely


They touch gloves and Rodriguez lands a body kick early. Gravely answers with one of his own and Rodriguez lands a nice combination and they trade kicks. Gravely with another body kick. Gravely lands a stiff left jab and Rodriguez is stunned. Gravely pushes Rodriguez up against the fence and they start trading bombs! Gravely with a leg kick. Huge three punch combination from Rodriguez and Gravely immediately takes it to the ground. Gravely with an elbow to the body as he looks to pass. Elbows to the face from Gravely. Rodriguez locks in a guillotine and Gravely battles out, landing big shots on top. Gravely continues to work on top as we get to under 90 seconds. Punches to the body from Gravely and Rodriguez gets back to his feet. They battle against the fence and Gravely lands a nice elbow on the break. Left hand from Gravely. Right hand from the CES champ and he shoots in, taking Rodriguez to the mat. Rodriguez with a beautiful sweep to end the round on top. Fun round! scores it 10-9 for Gravely


Big combination from Rodriguez early. Big head kick from Gravely and Rodriguez took it like a champ. They battle for position and Rodriguez lands a takedown. Rodriguez has a hook in and takes the back and Gravely reveres the position easily. Gravely back to his feet and lands a massive body slam takedown. Left hands on top from Gravely as he looks to pass to side control. Short elbow from Gravely and Rodriguez gets to full guard. Rodriguez trying to get back to his feet but Gravely is so heavy on top. Another elbow from Gravely. Rodriguez working up the fence to get to his feet but Gravely thwarts it. Left hands on top from Gravely and he takes Rodriguez’s back. Rodriguez looks to sweep and Gravely gets the back with both hooks in. Gravely locks in a rear naked choke and Rodriguez defends perfectly. Final 10 seconds and Gravely continues his ground and pound as the horn sounds. scores it 10-9 for Gravely


Rodriguez came out exploding with a flying knee attempt but ended up on his back. Gravely ends up on top. Rodriguez is able to sweep and he takes Gravely’s back. Gravely is shaking him off and ends up back on top. Elbow from Gravely against the gritty Rodriguez. Gravely continues his top control and ends up in full mount. Gravely takes the back and flattens Rodriguez out and is unloading with big punches. The referee steps in and if Tony Gravely doesn’t get a contract tonight, something is terribly wrong.

Official result: Tony Gravely def. Ray Rodriguez via TKO – Round 3, 2:16

Sarah Alpar vs. Shanna Young


This one has the makings of a barn burner and we’re underway. Young lands a nice combination early, Alpar answers back. Left hand from Alpar lands and Young is answering with her back against the fence. Alpar gets Ito the mat and takes Young’s back. Young trying to sweep and Alpar is fighting to keep position. Young is on top and looks for an armbar. Alpar able to defend and is in half guard. Hammer fist lands from Young. Alpar trying to get back to her feet and Young cradles. Young lands a pair of knees to the leg of Alpar. The LFA champ gets back to her feet and lands a leg kick. Combination by Young and Alpar ends up on top in a grand exchange. Back to the feet they go and they battle against the fence. They trade knees to the body from the clinch. Under a minute to go and a knee lands from Young. Alpar shoots in and Young sprawls, controlling the head of Alpar. Young looking for a D’arce choke but the horn sounds. scores it 10-9 for Young


Second round begins and Alpar lands a hard leg kick with a left hand behind it. Another leg kick lands and Young needs to start checking those. Another leg kick from Alpar and Young counters with a left. Big right hand from Alpar lands and Young takes it. Right hook from Alpar lands and Young answers with a big right hand. Leg kick from Alpar lands hard. Alpar ties Young up and get a takedown. Alpar works towards the back and gets a hook in. Alpar wiggles her shoulder in Young’s face to create some space. Left hands to the body from Alpar, who continues to work towards a choke. Alpar has the choke locked in tight and Young taps. Big win for Sarah Alpar and Dana White looks as surprised as Shanna Young does. Outstanding finish for Alpar.

Official result: Sarah Alpar def. Shanna Young via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 2, 2:55

Devin Smyth vs. Brok Weaver


Smyth lands a takedown right away. Weaver gets back to his feet and is immediately taken back down. Smyth lands several right hands. Smyth gets to his feet and lands a pair of hard knees to the body of the grounded Weaver. Smyth looks for the back, but Weaver shakes him off and gets to his feet. Smyth reverses the position and Weaver is talking to his opponent. Weaver separates and Smyth comes up short with a left hand and shoots for a single, pushing Weaver against the fence. Elbows landing from Weaver to Smyth’s head. Weaver separates and Smyth shoots right back in with under two minutes to go. They clinch against the fence and Weaver lands a short elbow. Smyth is relentless and Weaver continues to defend. They separate and trade punches. Under a minute left and Smyth ducks under a Weaver jab to try to get the fight back down. Weaver defending, and also smiling, but he gets taken down by Smyth right before the horn sounds. scores it 10-9 for Smyth


The round begins with an accidental low blow kick by Weaver, and it landed flush. They are back at it and Weaver is very aggressive. Smyth just misses a Superman punch. Weaver throws a spinning back fist, Smyth works for a takedown against the fence. Weaver reverses the position and looks for his own takedown. Smyth grabs the cage as Weaver would’ve probably gotten it to the ground. Smyth grabs it again and the referee warns him. Big right hand from Weaver on the clinch break. Back to the clinch battle they go and Weaver lands a pair of left hands over the top. Nice elbow from Smyth, returned by Weaver. Nice combination on the separation by Weaver and they battle against the fence once more. Smyth eats a pair of knees to the body and still works for the takedown. Smyth gets the takedown with under a minute to go. Weaver gets back to his feet and Smyth lands a nice knee. Weaver reverses position and lands a flurry of punches on the break. Kick to the body from Weaver and Smyth can’t land a last second takedown. Crazy pace! scores it 10-9 for Weaver


They are both ready to go and Weaver comes out with a leg kick and a right jab. Weaver comes charging in with punches and Smyth ties up against the fence. Weaver controls the position and Smyth gets back in control, himself. Weaver with punches and elbows to the body but it opens stop Smyth from landing his fourth takedown of the fight. Weaver looking for the neck of Smyth and tries to get back to his feet. Smyth with a knee to the body and Weaver is back up. They battle against the fence and Weaver winging punches to the body. Right-left combination from Weaver. Elbows landing from Smyth, who may have a broken hand here. Body punches and a right hand over the top by Weaver. Smyth lands a big knee and Weaver continues to throw punches to the body. They trade knees in the clinch. Smyth drops for a takedown with under 90 seconds to go. Weaver eats an elbow, but answers with a combination. Smyth works for a takedown once again as we are under a minute. The small crowd in the Apex is so into this one. Weaver with a combination to the body, and one to the head. They trade shots at the 10 second mark and a gritty battle comes to an end. scores it 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Weaver

Official result: Brok Weaver def. Devin Smyth via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)


William Knight vs. Herdem Alacabek


Alacabek lands a couple of kicks to the body and Knight pushes his opponent up against the fence. They clinch up and have a hockey fight-like exchange as the battle for position continues. Big knee to the body, and another by Alacabek. Knight answers with a knee of his own. Three more knees to the body from Alacabek and Knight lands a big knee in his own right. Barrage landing from Alacabek and they clinch up, Knight eats some body punches. Alacabek hoists Knight in the air and Knight grabs to the top of the cage to avoid the takedown. Alacabek gets a takedown anyway, and takes Knights back. Knight trying to shake his opponent off, but Alacabek takes the back and locks in a rear naked choke. Somehow, Knight is able to escape. Alacabek controls with a hook in and flatten Knight out, landing some left hands. Both hooks in now with under a minute to go. Knight trying to shake off Alacabek and does. Back to his feet goes Knight and he lands a takedown of his own. Armbar attempt by Alacabek from his back and Knight avoids it. Back to the feet they go, Knight lands a combination and a big jumping knee as the round ends. scores it 10-9 for Alacabek


Leg kick attempt by Knight is caught by Alacabek who shoves Knight back, landing a right and a left hand. They tie up against the fence — which has been a big theme tonight — and they trade shots. Knee by Alacabek to the body of Knight and follows up with punches to the body. Knight eats a knee to the body and the clinch battle heads to the center. Uppercut by Knight lands as they head back to the fence. Left hand by Alacabek with under three minutes to go. Alacabek drops for a takedown, hoists Knight up and takes him own. Side control for Alacabek, who lands a pair of short elbows. Knight trying to scramble back to his feet but Alacabek controlling Knight. Alacabek looks to transition to Knight’s back and lands some shots to the body as Knight gets back up. A little over a minute to do and they trade knees. Knight with a takedown and ages to mount. Knight teeing off and Alacabek, who is able to get to half guard. Back to mount goes Knight who is looking for a mounted kimura as the round ends. He may have stolen it, but it’s close. scores it 10-9 for Alacabek


Left hand from Knight lands and Alacabek answering with leg kicks. Big jumping knee by Knight and Alacabek is hurt badly. Alacabek is as tough as a $2 steak and is able to answer back. Back to the clinch they go, they separate and begin trading. Knight times a shot but Alacabek defends. Knight ends up getting a takedown on the scramble and has his back. Knight landing left hands to the face and Alacabek pushes him against the fence. Clinch continues to the center and they separate at the halfway point. A pair of jabs land from Knight and a nice leg kick by Alacabek. Knight lands a takedown and lands some left hands. Back to the fence they go and Alacabek looks for a takedown, Knight sprawls and is unloading shots on his opponent. Knight in side control with a big elbow, and another. Knight gets to full mount with a minute to go. Alacabek is a bloody mess. Knight with a huge right hand, followed by several more. Knight unloading, looking for a finish and he gets it! Wow! What a comeback from William Knight!

Official result: William Knight def. Herdem Alacabek via TKO – Round 3, 4:34

Dana White’s Contender Series 24 results:

  • William Knight (earned developmental contract) def. Herdem Alacabek via TKO – Round 3, 4:34
  • Brok Weaver (earned UFC contract) def. Devin Smyth via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
  • Sarah Alpar (earned UFC contract) def. Shanna Young via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 2, 2:55
  • Tony Gravely (earned UFC contract) def. Ray Rodriguez via TKO – Round 3, 2:16
  • Julius Anglickas def. Karl Reed via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 3, 3:25

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