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Sean Ashley - Photo by Nick Denny

Sean Ashley plans to finish Ryan Cafaro in 3 minutes

Sean Ashley as made quite a name for himself competing at Stellar Fights solely as a grappler. From facing John Lyons, to Taylor Pierce, Ashley is now slotted to face MMA veteran and TUF season 26 coach, Ryan Kim Cafaro in a no-gi grappling superfight. The match will take place in conjunction with Stellar Fights 43 cross promoting with the WKA national tournament, this Saturday, August 17th at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in the Exhibit Hall.

I spoke with Ashley, who seems to favor his chances against the predominant MMA fighter. Giving off the vibe that Cafaro is entering Ashley’s world of solely BJJ, when asked for a prediction in the contest, Ashley quickly cut me off stating “mounted triangle, 3 minutes.” Currently a brown belt and owner of 410 Academy of Martial Arts, Ashley never passes at the opportunity to capitalize on experience, “especially for money,” Ashley laughs.

Tune in above as Sean Ashley and I go one on one to discuss his no-gi superfight grappling match taking place at Stellar Fights 43 against Ryan Cafaro this Saturday, August 27th at the Delaware State Fairgrounds. Ticket info here.

Let us know who you think will win the contest.

Sean Ashley
Sean Ashley – Photo by Nick Denny

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