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Daniel Cormier fires back at Jon Jones’ video mocking him

Daniel Cormier feuding with Jon Jones seems like a battle that will never end. These two hate each other, that is clear, but now even though Cormier is retired the two continue to go at each other on social media. This time the back and forth began when Cormier criticized Jones and his potential knockout power at heavyweight. Jones posted a video showing himself hitting mitts and looked much bigger than he has in the past. Cormier, who is the former heavyweight champion wasn’t convinced that added weight will transfer over to knockout power.

“Jon Jones will not knock out anybody [at heavyweight],” Cormier said on the DC and Helwani show. “He doesn’t hit hard enough. If he couldn’t knock these dues out at 205, he’s not knocking these heavyweights out.”

Jones took this criticism to heart and decided to make a video mocking Cormier who said he never knocked out his opponents at light heavyweight. Jones did in fact knock out six different opponents in the UFC at 205 pounds, including Cormier before the fight was ruled a No Contest for Jones failing a drug test.

Cormier took to Twitter to respond to this video.

“There is a difference punch vs kick, you’re still as dumb as you’ve always been, you’ll never surprise me,” Cormier wrote. “Dance for me, I can always make you move. And lastly, this fight didn’t count if you forgot there was an issue…… remember?”

Jones and Cormier have fought twice. The third fight was something all fans wanted to see. When Cormier was the heavyweight champion he was urging Jones to move up. At the time Jones was adamant about staying at light heavyweight and urged Cormier to move back down. Now that Cormier is retired Jones is finally making the move up in weight. With all this social media drama, could it be enough to see Cormier come out of retirement and face Jones once more? Maybe if Jones is holding the heavyweight belt.

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