Derrick Lewis: "Daniel Cormier is scared to fight Jon Jones right now"

Jon Jones says he won’t fight Daniel Cormier at heavyweight

For many who are hoping that Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier would finish their trilogy inside the heavyweight division, Jones says that won’t happen. During an interview with Fox Sports 1 after the ceremonial weigh-ins, Jones spoke about his rivalry with Cormier and it sounds as if he is focused on keeping the reigns in the light heavyweight division and letting D.C. do his thing at heavyweight.

When asked by Kenny Florian about another rematch with Cormier, Jones said it would be up to the heavyweight champion to come challenge him at light heavyweight.

“I don’t know man. It’s up to Daniel Cormier to challenge me to get his belt back. I heard he ended up relinquishing his belt and I think that’s a good look. At the end of the day, I think, I know, most people know that he never was the champion. Hats off to him for being the heavyweight champion of the world but I’ve been the light heavyweight champion since 2011, that’s just facts. The belt was given to him, he has not beat me. He can cancel all doubts by challenging me and really being a champ-champ.”

Florian then asked Jones if he would ever fight Cormier at heavyweight, and “Bones” seemed to have his focus strictly on the light heavyweight division.

“No [on fighting at heavyweight]. He looks good at heavyweight, he’s designed to be a heavyweight, he’s comfortable there. He naturally goes to heavyweight between every fight. That is his spot. Like I said, he makes a great heavyweight champion. Even before fighting me, he was on a tear at heavyweight, I mean that’s his zone. I have no reason to challenge him at heavyweight because for me, it’s not personal. When he comes down to light heavyweight it’ll be personal again. He can have what he has and I’ll have what I have and that’s being the most dominant light heavyweight champion, the only light heavyweight champion since 2011.

When Michael Bisping asked Jones why he wouldn’t want to avoid weight cutting and jump to heavyweight, he said that light heavyweight is his zone.

“I don’t really cut weight, I lose weight to get on the scale. Light heavyweight is my zone, that’s where I’m comfortable being, that’s where I’ve been most dominant. Like I said, I’ve been the light heavyweight champion since 2011, there has not been another champion at that weight division, if he wants to come challenge me again, he’s more than welcome.”

Making another return inside the light heavyweight division, Jon Jones seems locked in on doing what’s best for him inside the division that he’s reigned over for quite some time. While Daniel Cormier reigned during Jones’ time away from the UFC, it sounds like Jones is moved on from Cormier, and won’t chase a trilogy fight at heavyweight.

You can listen to the complete interview with Jon Jones and Fox Sports 1 below:

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