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Dana White and Jon Jones react to Daniel Cormier relinquishing title

As Daniel Cormier decided to relinquish the light heavyweight title rather than be stripped of it, those involved with UFC 232 chimed in on his decision. UFC President Dana White spoke to Brett Okamoto of ESPN about Cormier giving back the title, saying that he felt the current heavyweight champion was being too dramatic about the situation, but since the situation revolves around Jon Jones, he knows why there’s so much emotion from the champion.

“I told Daniel Cormier, if you’re my champion for the rest of my career, I’m good with that. He hates Jon Jones, so he is overly dramatic about this situation right now because of the hatred he has for this man. He wasn’t being stripped of the title, the title was being vacated. Vacated and stripped are two completely different things. Of course Daniel Cormier wouldn’t be stripped of anything. He was vacating the title, he couldn’t defend it and that’s it. I wanted him to fight in Anaheim, he couldn’t fight in Anaheim, he’s not ready to go. I love the guy, he hates Jon Jones, Jon Jones hates him, and I would expecting nothing less  than him being on a rampage like he is right now.”-Dana White on Cormier relinquishing title

As for Daniel Cormier’s biggest rival, Jon Jones, he says Cormier’s decision to relinquish the title is the right and smart thing for him to do. Jones didn’t hold back when speaking on Cormier’s decision, making it clear that he feels “D.C.” was never the champion because he never defeated him.

“It’s the smart thing to do. My opinion of that is, “dude you never were the champ” I think he knows that in his spirit. He never beat me, he actually lost to me twice. Relinquishing the belt it’s like, was it really ever his belt?  I think in the fans’ eyes they know that’s been Jon Jones’ belt since 2011. If it wasn’t why would you relinquish it? Why would you not fight or make a stink about it? You know, he’s giving it up because he knows the rightful owner of it is here. I feel like he knows that he won’t beat me so he’s making it look honorable by retiring it. It’s like a NFL player retiring before being cut, it’s kind of the same thing.”

Cormier seems to have moved on from the light heavyweight title picture and division as of now and with his potential pending retirement looming in March of 2019, the question still remains if he’d like to get that victory over Jones that has eluded him in their previous two fights.

Here are the videos of Dana White and Jon Jones discussing Daniel Cormier relinquishing the light heavyweight title.

Dana White:

Jon Jones:

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