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Dean Barry on DQ loss to Jackson He took the easy way out

Dean Barry on DQ loss to Jackson: “He took the easy way out”

Saturday’s UFC Fight Night Vegas 52 began with a welterweight bout between Mike “The Truth” Jackson and UFC newcomer Dean “The Sniper” Barry. 

The bout, though fun while it lasted, ended by disqualification towards the end of the first round. 

Barry threw a spinning back kick that unintentionally landed on Jackson’s groin. Just a little while later, Jackson suffered an eye gouge. 


Following the gouge, Jackson told referee Chris Tognoni, “I don’t want to fight with this eye” and the bout was called off. 


On Sunday, Dean Barry posted on Instagram apologizing to fans and accusing Jackson of taking the easy way out. 

He says “to be honest with you, I thought he took the easy way out there. Didn’t want to stay, didn’t want to continue fighting.”

“Even when I kicked him low, he was talking on the ground to me for ages. Like if you get hit in the nuts you can’t be talking like that.”

Barry continues, “same with the eye poke. Straight after the ref called the fight off, he was fine. Both eyes open perfectly.”

With the win, Jackson moves to a professional record of 1-1-0, 1 NC. 29-year-old Barry, who suffered his second professional defeat holds a 4-2-0 record after Saturday. 

What did you make of the fight? Would you like to see it run back? 

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