Demarques Jackson: “I’m trying to outdo my last performance”

The vacant LFA Lightweight title is on the line in the main event of LFA 64 with DeMarques Jackson battling Harvey Park for the belt, and even though Jackson believes Park is tough, the Atlanta native sees himself as his main competition.

Your last couple of fights, you’ve fought for Titan FC, LFA, and Bellator. Do you feel like you’re on the cusp of breaking through?

“Yeah of course. Look at the guy I’m fighting, Harvey Park. Look at his fight versus Austin Hubbard. Pat (Miletich), he had it going into the third round, Austin up two rounds, and he (Harvey) ended up losing a decision, but just look at that (fight). That (fight) will tell you about the competition level throughout the board. Like a lot of guys are on this level. They’re not going to tell me I’m not on that level, just cause I’m not in the UFC. Just because I haven’t got the chance. I see a lot of the guys in the UFC are bums. I see a lot of guy in Bellator are bums, that I’ll smash. I know I’m on that level.”

Do you feel like Harvey Park is on that same level?

“Yeah I feel like he’s a good tough, well-rounded guy, I mean he’s eleven and two, eleven people done fell before him. He’s no joke. He’s tough. But it’s a fight and I’m coming. I’m coming for everything. I like these guys with big records, 11 and 2. That’s going to propel me to the next level. So, I want to fight guys like that. I want to fight the tough guys. I don’t want to fight any bums. I want to fight real good tough guys. I want to fight the best. Like that’s what I’m here for. I not here for easy fights.”

What do you feel Is the biggest challenge Harvey Park presents in this chess match?

“No one’s bringing a challenge to me. I am a challenge against myself. I don’t go out there and look at an opponent or what they do. I’m trying to perform better than my last fight, that’s my goal. You know, my last fight I finished early and I’m trying to outdo my last performance. Every time I fight that’s what I’m trying to do. I don’t really look at my opponents and try to break them down. It’s all about me.”

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LFA 64

AXSTV Main Card
Vacant 155 Title: Harvey Park (11-2) vs. Demarques Jackson (10-2)
170: Scott Futrell (11-8) vs. Jason Jackson (8-3)
155: Bryce Logan (9-4) vs. Kenneth Glenn (8-4)
170: Sam Garrett (3-1) vs. Tyler Ray (3-1))
265: Ryan Debelak (5-4) vs. Brian Peterson (3-0)
170: Jordan Larson (9-5) vs. Bobby Lee (9-3)
125: Robiel Tesfaldet (2-2) vs. Delfino Benitez (2-1)
155: Keith Phathaem (1-0) vs. Tyler Mathison (1-1)
Amateur                                                                                                                                                                                                    185: Ben Goodwin (2-0) vs. Roscoe Witt (0-1)                                                                                                                                  145: Elliot Jurries (6-5) vs. Ricky Ortiz (6-4)                                                                                                                                      125: Abel Bubuli (1-2) vs. Colin Birzer (2-1)


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