Israel Adesanya

Derek Brunson on Israel Adesanya fight: “One of the easiest matchups I’ll have in the UFC”

After several weeks of verbal warfare between newly minted rivals Derek Brunson and Israel Adesanya, the UFC has now officially signed the two to face each other on November 3 at UFC 230.

In a fight that has been made personal for both men, for Brunson, it’ll be a golden opportunity for him to slow down some of the momentum of the young Nigerian sensation.

However, Brunson feels all the hype that the undefeated Adesanya is receiving, is way outta proportion.

As a matter of fact, Brunson actually believes Adesanya has some flaws, and sees him as one of the more easier matchups he’ll have in the UFC.

“A lot of people are high on [Adesanya], a lot of people believe in him, but I’m not too much of a believer,” Derek Brunson said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show (transcript via ESPN). “I can’t trick myself. Every fight I train for the opponent very hard and smart. I’ll do that for myself. But I’m not a believer in the kid. I think he’s a good striker. I don’t think he’s a great striker.

“I’m not a guy who is going to let you dictate or do whatever you want to,” Brunson says. “I’m not impressed by this kid. His striking is okay. He’s long, which is the best thing going for him. Doesn’t hit hard. This is the fight I like. One of the easiest matchups I’ll have in the UFC. One of the easiest people to prepare for.

“He’s bad on the ground. His wrestling isn’t good. I see holes in his game. He’s a little frail guy. I think I’ll get the finish early.”

Interestingly, before all the bad blood between Brunson and Adesanya started, Brunson surprisingly admitted he was willing to help train the 29 year old prospect at one point, that is until he started bad mouthing him.

”If the guy would have just shut his mouth, I would have helped him out. But now I’m going to beat him up,” he said.

Who do you think will get victory when Derek Brunson and Israel Adesanya step inside the octagon at UFC 230?


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