Douglas Lima

Image Credit: Bellator MMA

Douglas Lima eyes co-promotion fight so he can ‘KO’ Kamaru Usman

Douglas Lima is now the three-time Bellator welterweight champion and is now looking to fight the UFC’s welterweight champion in Kamaru Usman.

Lima knows Bellator president, Scott Coker is open to co-promotion fights. So, he hopes the UFC will get on bard as well.

“It’s not the name ‘UFC,’ or ‘Bellator,’ or ‘ONE FC’ – there’s killers everywhere, and I’ve been fighting all these guys. I’ve been beating them,” Lima told TMZ Sports. “(I’m a) three-time world champion, three tournament (wins), but they still don’t believe me. Now that (Bellator president) Scott Coker is doing the co-promotions – he’s doing that with Rizin – I would love if we would do that with the UFC.”

If it does happen and he gets the chance to fight Kamaru Usman, he believes he will win rather easily and knockout the UFC champion.

“Of course I’ll do great – I’ll beat him,” Lima said. “I’ll probably KO him, you know. But he’s a great wrestler, for sure. He wrestles a lot. But man, any point in that fight if I connect, I can put him away. I don’t even think about that, I just know that I can beat him. I know I can beat anybody at this weight class. I’m not talking bad about the guy. He’s the champion there. He’s doing his thing. But I just know it, man – if one day something like this happened, I definitely believe in myself to just go over there and just kill it.”

He knows he has been fighting the best welterweights and is tired of the conversation that Bellator fighters are not as good as UFC fighters. But, he knows he would beat the best UFC fighters.

“I think about it every time, especially after a win like this, because I know real MMA fans, they recognize,” Lima said. “They know I’m up there with those guys. They know I can fight any of them. But most of them are like, ‘Man, you’re not in the UFC, you’re a nobody, and I hate that. That’s people that don’t understand the sport.”

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