Herb Dean, UFC 291, Dustin Poirier, The People's Elbow, People's Elbow

Dustin Poirier – “Herb Dean hit me with the People’s Elbow”

Referee Herb Dean jumped into action in the main event at UFC 291 on Saturday night as he was forced to stop Justin Gaethje from inflicting further damage to Dustin Poirier after a vicious head kick knockout victory.

As soon as Poirier hit the canvas, Dean ran across the octagon, and slid on top of the fighter to signify an end to the contest.

ESPN Sportscenter social media accounts posted clips of the fight’s ending on both Instagram and Twitter.

On Instagram, Poirier wrote “Herb hit me with the People’s Elbow.”

The People’s Elbow is of course famed wrestling move by “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson.

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