Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier responds to Colby Covington’s ‘cute’ callout

Dustin Poirier has responded to Colby Covington’s callout of him after UFC 272.

After Covington dominated Jorge Masvidal in the main event of UFC 272 on March 5, many were interested to see who he would call out. He was in a unique position given he’s 0-2 against Kamaru Usman and after the win, he called out another former teammate in Poirier for a grudge match.

“I just took care of Miami street trash, now it’s time to take care of Louisiana swamp trash,” Covington said in the post-fight interview to Joe Rogan. “Where you at Dustin Poirier, you cuck. You said it’s on-site. Name the site, Dustin. Bring that jezebel of a wife and bring that little kid and I’ll see you soon. You’re next.”

Poirier, who was on vacation at the time, sent out a one-word tweet responding to Covington. But, on Saturday night as he was cornering one of his teammates, he spoke to ESPN backstage and responded to Covington’s ‘cute’ callout.

“It’s cute. It’s all good. It is what it is. People want big fights. That’s a big fight. He wants big fights. Obviously, he’s not in line for the title fight. He lost twice to the champ, so he probably needs a few more wins,” Poirier said to ESPN backstage at UFC Vegas 50. “But I would think if you want to get back to that strap you have to fight welterweight contenders. I don’t know what I’m doing, if I’m going to welterweight, if I’m staying at 155. We’ll see. But it is what it is.”

Although many fans thought the callout made sense, Dustin Poirier doesn’t see the Colby Covington fight happening. Instead, he says he still wants the Nate Diaz fight this summer.

“Nate Diaz is a fight I want,” Poirier said. “I’ve been watching him and his brother forever, so it’s exciting for me. It would be a fun matchup for the fans. That’s more likely than the Colby fight.”

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