Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez says interim belts are a ‘serious problem’

Eddie Alvarez is a former UFC lightweight champion. Yes, the real champion, not an interim champion which there have been lots of over the past several years.

Just look at UFC 236 which will be headlined by an interim lightweight title fight, where the co-main event will be an interim middleweight title fight. That according to Alvarez is a bad, and serious problem for UFC fighters alike.

“Look, this is a serious problem,” Eddie Alvarez said at Tuesday’s ONE Championship media gathering. “I’m laughin’, but it’s nothing to joke about. We’re all part of the problem, all of us are. When an interim title is given… And the media makes a big fuss of it and a fighter makes a big fuss of it and a fan makes a big fuss of it, an interim title has value. That’s the saddest thing that can happen in the sport.

“Because an interim title is given in replacement for money. ‘We don’t wanna give you money, but well give you an interim title. We don’t wanna give you money, but we’ll give you a main event spot. We don’t wanna give you money, but we’ll give you that opponent you want. We’ll give you everything… But what you deserve. And that’s money,’

“That’s sad, it’s sad,” Alvarez continued. “And when that’s valued, an interim title is valued by fans, by the media, by the promotion and everyone, it’s a sick joke. It should be laughed at and it should no longer be applauded and it should be booed. And when it is, it’ll be a happy day. Fighters get paid more, fans will be more educated, and promotions will stop the bullsh*t.”

With interim belts now as well, they don’t mean anything. Just look at Colby Covington and Tony Ferguson who got passed over for the title shot while they were the interim champion. That is why Alvarez thinks they are a huge problem for the sport. For now, the UFC will continue to hold interim title fights and there is nothing Alvarez can do about it.

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