Ekaterina Vandaryeva

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Ekaterina Vandaryeva Talks Supergirl Contest at ONE: Heavy Hitters

Ekaterina Vandaryeva tests skills against Supergirl at ONE: Heavy Hitters. This Muay Thai clash in the strawweight ranks emanates from Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday, January 14th.

Speaking with ONE Championship, in a transcription courtesy of onefc.com, Vandaryeva discussed her run so far in the ONE Circle saying, “I’ve noticed I get very good opponents. It doesn’t matter to me who I face, but this time, it’s a really worthy opponent again. That’s why it’s very, very important for me to show myself at my best. It will be a good start to the year for me. Let’s see, but I think it will be very cool.”

Under the ONE banner, she has so far faced current Atomweight kickboxing champion Janet Todd and strawweight Muay Thai elite Jackie Buntan in a pair of losses.

Ekaterina Vandaryeva

Discussing her next opponent Supergirl, Vandaryeva said, “She is somewhat unusual because Thai athletes don’t like using their boxing very much. They do it rarely, mostly to distract and land a middle kick, get into the clinch, and so on. But she keeps rushing with her punches endlessly. She is good with her knees, but every action has a counter, and I know what to do to block. She won’t surprise me. At her age, you don’t analyze much you just come out and keep hitting. You don’t even think much if you’re tired or not. You go and strike until you’re dead. This is an advantage of being young.”

Vandaryeva continued, “But later, when you grow up, you start analyzing, thinking what’s working, what to do next, and sometimes it does you a favor, especially in sport. She has serious weaknesses in her defense, especially when she’s flying forward, and she may miss a lot. When she misses her strikes, her energy will disappear. I need to be smarter and use better techniques. Of course, I would like to finish with a knockout, but victory is most important. I know for sure I’m worthy of this victory more than anybody. I know how I long for it, how my loved ones and fans long for it, and I really want to make them – and myself – happy.”

What are your thoughts on Ekaterina Vandaryeva’s looming contest at ONE: Heavy Hitters?

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