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Supergirl Discusses Ekaterina Vandaryeva Bout at ONE: Heavy Hitters

Supergirl tests skills against Ekaterina Vandaryeva at ONE: Heavy Hitters on January 14th. This is a strawweight Muay Thai contest at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Speaking with ONE Championship, in a transcription courtesy of, Supergirl broke down her next opponent Vandaryeva saying, “Her kicks are super fast and she looks quite stronger than I am. So I’m now trying to bulk up.”


This upcoming bout will be Supergirl Jaroonsak Muay Thai’s sophomore effort inside the ONE Circle.

At ONE: A New Breed II in September 2020, The Marrok Force MMA product knocked out Milagros Lopez. The stoppage transpired in the first frame of the fight at the sixty-second mark.

Breaking down her ONE Championship promotional debut, Supergirl quipped, “I was so nervous in that fight, I didn’t really do what I thought (I should’ve). Everything happened from muscle memory. Like when I grabbed her leg and punched her, I didn’t plan to do that. It happened automatically because once you’re punched, you punch back. When I won, I felt like it went so fast. I was so nervous, and it ended in just one minute. I didn’t even put my all in yet.”

Should she get the desired outcome later this week, a specific opponent is in mind for her third fight in ONE. A warrior with a known name whereby redemption and interpersonal narrative would be at the forefront.

Supergirl says, “It’s Jackie (Buntan), no doubt, because I want to take revenge for (Wondergirl).”

Also, addressing her relative youth in the sport as a surging 18-year-old combatant, Supergirl said, “Not everything depends on age and strength. There are things I can use to fight her, like my techniques.”

“I might be young, but my punches are not to be fooled around with.”

What are your thoughts on Supergirl’s upcoming bout at ONE: Heavy Hitters?

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