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Errol Spence Jr. calls Terence Crawford bout a “legacy defining fight”

It goes without saying that major sports have been upended by the COVID-19 virus. Recently legendary boxing figure Bob Arum stated that boxing has cancelled all future bouts until further notice. While fighters of all combat sports are eager to get back to work, Errol Spence Jr. is treating the stay-at-home orders as his own little training camp.

Spence talked with Premiere Boxing Champion’s Ray Flores about his life since his car accident and how ready he is to get back to the business of fighting. During the interview, Spence focused on the potential matchup against WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford.

“The money has to be right and it has to make sense for everyone,” Spence paraphrased Crawford’s comment.

“Me and Terence are going to get in there and try to kill each other. I talked to Al [Hamon] about the fight before and he said the same thing, ‘when it makes sense its going to happen.'”

Spence has since been recovering from his October 2019 car accident that resulted in a DWI charge. Spence later commented on the accident and how it was a wake-up call for him.

“I feel like my car accident was a wake up call from God,” Spence stated.

“Telling me to really focus and bite down and refocus on whats going on. I feel like I wasn’t as focused as I am now … I’ve got a lot to do to prove people wrong. ‘Is he still going to be the same?’ ‘Is he going to fight the same?’ A lot to prove that I’m still Errol Spence,” he continued.

But Spence takes full responsibility for his actions back in October and won’t hide from criticism he received from the accident.

“Some members of the media and fight fans, some can be cruel … but I don’t feel I’ve been unfairly criticized,” he explained.

“People are going to have thoughts and opinions on my situation and then want to see how I’m going to come back. And it fuels me. Makes me work way harder,” he finished.

We won’t know much about the matchup between Spence and Crawford for sometime due to COVID-19, but both fighters are eager for the potential bout. Regardless, Spence does not have much animosity towards Crawford and is all about respect for the fight.

“I feel like this is a classic fight, it’s a legacy defining fight,” Spence claims.

“I feel like I’ll wash Terence Crawford. I’ll beat him. I’ll punish him,” he proudly stated.

“I definitely have a great chance of stopping him. But I respect his skill set. But I’ll definitely stop him.”

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