Ethan Goss Shooting for Lightweight Gold May 3 at Gladiators of the Cage

Ethan Goss Shooting for Lightweight Gold May 3 at Gladiators of the Cage

At 22 years old, Ethan Goss has been staying busy in the amateur circuit with eight fights under his belt (5-3). This Saturday, the Petersburg, Pa., native will bulk up from his normal featherweight class to fight for the amateur lightweight (155 lbs.) title at Gladiators of the Cage: Return to Glory VI.

Goss was able to talk to My MMA News after wrapping up his training session earlier this evening.

Gladiators of the Cage VI: Return to Glory

MY MMA NEWS: Ethan, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. How is training going?

Ethan Goss: “Training is going really well. I just wrapped up practice. I focus a lot on my cardio at my camp. My goal is to go all three rounds nonstop, I like to grind out my opponent and wear them down as the fight goes on.”

My MMA News: How did you get involved in mixed martial arts?

EG: “I was a wrestler in high school. I wrestled for 14 years of my life, wrestling is huge in Pennsylvania, and I was good at it and enjoyed it. I watched the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, and it drew me in making me a fan. I contacted some fighters out in State College and started training. I was 18 when I first started. By 20 I started to take it more serious and working more on my stand up and submission defense.”

My MMA News: And you are only at the young age of 22 and progressing rather well in the sport. Do you hold any titles or awards?

EG: “Yea I won the featherweight title at Prime Time MMA in Toledo, Ohio. I defeated another tough competitor, Joshua Espinoza (5-1) by decision, 30-27. It was a good fight, and he was tough. I was supposed to fight on the Pinnacle card and my fight was cancelled, then I took the fight (against Espinoza) on four days’ notice, and I had to cut 18 pounds by fight time. I also had a war with Rich Cantolina (10-7). The fight was awarded fight of the night on our card (Pittsburgh Challenge Series V).”

My MMA News: Rich is out my way; we would like to catch up with him soon.

EG: “Yea he is a good guy. The fight was awesome, and I feel that it put my name on the map. I lost by split decision; it was a real close one.”

My MMA News: You were scheduled for a featherweight title fight on this upcoming card, unfortunately your opponent was medically uncleared to fight. You are now going up in weight to fight for the lightweight title against Cody Karlheim?

EG: “Yes. Cody actually fights at featherweight as well and he agreed to go up in weight to fight me at lightweight. My gameplan hasn’t changed as I am training the same and focusing on cardio.”

My MMA News: What do you know about Cody Karlheim (3-2)?

EG: “He is dangerous on the ground; he is a purple belt in jiu-jitsu. I actually trained at Cody’s gym before. Our gyms are only an hour away, so we know each other’s styles. We were supposed to fight earlier for the featherweight title.”

My MMA News: What happened?

EG: “Cody was out about 16 months with a knee injury. I think ACL injury.”

My MMA News: No intentions of overlooking this match. What does the future hold for you after this fight? Would you like to go pro?

EG: “For this year, I have a goal of facing Jake Schilling (5-1) at Pinnacle FC for the featherweight title after my fight with Cody. I would like to become the best featherweight fighter in the state of Pennsylvania. Once that is done, I will move into pro.”

My MMA News: You have a good head on your shoulders with your goals set. What do you like to do outside of MMA?

EG: “I live in a little town with no traffic lights…outskirts countryside. I like trucks and cars. I like being outside. Not a big city person.”

My MMA News: Nothing wrong with that. Ethan, are you open to followers and fans on social media? If so, where can they follow you?

EG: “Yea that would be awesome. I am on Twitter @Ethan_Goss (The Wolverine). We are working on a fan page on facebook, you can still find me at Ethan Goss.”

My MMA News: Thanks again and good luck Ethan. Any shout outs as we wrap this up?

EG: “I just want to thank all of my coaches. This wouldn’t have been possible without them. My family and friends, and all of the support they give me is surreal. I am thankful for all of their support.”

Gladiators of the Cage: Return to Glory VI THIS SATURDAY MAY 3 at the Cambria County War Memorial in Johnstown, Pa.. Tickets still on sale!

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