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Felice Herrig: “I didn’t cheat”

Felice Herrig:  “I didn’t cheat”

During the preliminary bouts on the Ultimate Fighter Season 20 Finale, Felice Herrig was paired up against Lisa Ellis.

The “Lil’ Bulldog” Herrig would submit Ellis in the second round via armbar, Dec. 12 recording her 10th professional win.

But it was before the finish that Herrig became the topic of controversy.  The fighter may have pulled her opponent’s hair, a hold that is illegal.  Whether she did it intentionally or not it happened and she drew criticism.

Today Herrig took to Facebook to describe the incident and give her side of the story.

“For everyone saying I cheated by pulling hair:

We were in a lot of scrambles and when I had the triangle I reached for her head to pull her in but she had that big bun/pony tail on top of her head and my hands got on that. It was not cheating nor intentional. I was in control of that fight and the outcome would be no different. She also pulled my hair in the fight… It’s gonna happen more with women and long hair. Just like eye pokes happen, they are not intentional. Scrambles are called scrambles for a reason, things happen very fast. But like I said, the outcome would be no different. Some of you just want to find any reason you can to hate or take away my win. I’m sure the statement will change nobody’s mind that is only here to troll my page but I’m putting it out there for my fans that are behind me.”

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