Felicia Spencer Expresses Importance Of Narcan to Help Save Lives

Felicia Spencer wants you to know about Narcan.

The former UFC title challenger appeared on a ‘Special Edition’ with ‘Fight Bananas’.

“FeeNom” appeared on the show to talk various topics, none more important when she discussed the importance of Narcan. Many drug users’ lives have been saved by an opioid reversal drug, Narcan, also known as Naloxone, is one of the few drugs available to first responders and the public with the capacity to reverse the symptoms of an opioid overdose and potentially save the victim’s life.

In some states, if you, a family member, or a friend is addicted to heroin or narcotic painkillers known as opioids, you can carry naloxone, a pocket-size device that contains an injectable form of naloxone is available for use.

“Narcan is a widely available, affordable, and fast-acting remedy for an opioid overdose. It works on any type of opioid, including synthetic opioids such as heroin and fentanyl. It will not reverse the effects of other types of overdoses, including those from cocaine or benzodiazepine medications. Narcan is an opioid agonist, meaning it blocks the opioid receptors in the brain and reverses the symptoms of an opioid overdose.”

Spencer started by saying, “I wanted to take a moment to shed some light on opioids in America.”

“I want to jump into some statistics, just to kind of show the problem and how fast it is actually growing…. In Florida 2012 only synthetic opioids… we had just about 200 deaths. Just to put it into perspective on how fast the rise has been – in 2016 synthetic became the number one killer out of the opioids deaths, it jumped from 200 to 1500 with just synthetic opioids alone.”

Check out the video above, when she talked more about the importance of  Narcan.

This is a very important topic and one that could potentially save the life of someone you know.

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